adding rooms to a manufactured home

dudleythunder79December 29, 2008

My wife and I purchased a 1985 manufactured home in 1991. The house, for many reasons looks much like a doublewide, which I guess is what it actually is. What I would like to do is to add two rooms to the house. One in the front and one in the back, but I don't want the slant roof. I was wanting to go more with the "A" shape design to both rooms to help give the house a different look. Has anyone done anything like this and if so could you provide some photos for ideas? I've talked with a few contractors and they say it can be done, and I know how I would like to have it made, but I was hoping I could see some actual designs. Thanks.

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we added a front enclosed porch to our home and we put a regular peaked roof on it..dark outside or i would snap you a photo right now..but it is a pitched roof side to side so that it forms a triangle when you look straight on and our home had a long front peaked on the ends like a ranch worked out very well, as soon as i'm able to get a photo and remember to do so i'll post it onto this site for totally changes the LOOK of the house so it looks less like a manufactured home and more like a stick built house..we even found siding and roofing to match..ask the mfg for the info on that

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Most states have a agency that needs to approve structural changes to mh. It helps if you have the engineering plans showing shear walls and such. I know here (AZ) they require engineering studies before major changes can be done. It ends up preventing people from doing extensive remolding of homes - putting 2 single wides together, etc. This really depends on your area. The city I live in does not have a reciprocal agreement with the state so they don't want to approve building permits on mh. This is very dependent on your area and I doubt if most areas are that strict.

Save yourself some time and find out what the codes are.

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now that i have the site avail here is the front porch we added to our home..

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that is a lovely little porch added on - it really makes such a big diffence! and with all the plants around it does look like a stick built.

i'm going to save the pic to show my bf when i start wanting a porch - lol! that'll be AFTER I actually get the home set up here - maybe this next month that'll be done. by next spring i'll be wanting that porch!

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