What will protect painted cabinets??

citymomof3January 3, 2008

I painted all my cabinets (kitchen & both bathrooms) almost three years ago when we moved in. The white ones in the kitchen have worn pretty well, but are starting to need another coat of white paint. Can I seal them with something this time to protect them a little more???

Thanks in advance!!!

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Use an enamel or oil based paint and you should be fine.

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There is a clear sealer for them that is probably oil-based that I used but I cannot remember. I do so much stuff, it is hard to recall but ask at your paint store and if you used oil paint, tell them. If you used latex, also tell them that as you will need to have two surfaces that can bond to each other.

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Might also ask the experts at the Paint Forum here at GWeb.

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You can paint over them with any type of sealer like a poly or shellac or varnish. That will protect them.

I'm curious....did you prime before you painted and what type of paint did you use? We have the cheapy faux wood cabinets and I painted those four years ago this week. I primed and then painted with three coats of semi-gloss from Wal-Mart. They aren't peeling or scratching at all. I painted the bathroom vanity and laundry cabinets in the same way and they're fine, too.

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Thanks, guys! I sanded the cabinets and wiped them down first. Then I used a special primer the man at SW recommended for painting cabinets. The paint I used is a Semi Gloss latex I believe also from SW in white. I did two coats, maybe three. They don't look too bad. Only a couple of places where I can see some wear. Mainly the cabs in front of the sink.

Thanks again for all the help!!

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