New MH homeowner, few questions!

KatrinaMDecember 22, 2013

Hi all,

I recently (in October) purchased a 2009 double wide. I can't remember the brand, Champion? Titan? Anyways, there's a few things I'm not crazy about and want to change over the next few years or so. I just kind of want other MH homeowner's advice, opinions or just any general tips you may have for a new homeowner, I would really appreciate it!

1. Those fake wood cabinets in the kitchen and the fake wood crown molding is starting to peel a little. It bugs me! Will the walls support real wood cabinets? I know we've had trouble putting some things up on the walls with the lack of studs compared to a regular house. What can I do? I don't want it to look cheap, but I don't want them falling off the walls either!

2. Possibly putting drywall up eventually to replace the vinyl walls... good idea? Not worth it? The paneling bugs me a little bit, not awful right now but I may eventually want to just renovate the inside to make it look like less of a doublewide. Especially when (our plan in the future) we move it out of the park and on land onto a foundation with some sort of basement. I'd like it to look more like a ranch if possible.

3. Does anyone have any advice on the whole lack of studs thing? In a stick built house it's every 16 inches.. that doesn't seem to be the same in this. I'm afraid to put anything even sort of heavy on the walls, for example I bought a free standing pantry instead of doing any type of built-ins. Maybe it's just one of the negatives of a manufactured home though?

Once again I do appreciate any advice you have. This is my first home, I've only rented before this and having a mh is a lot different I'm realizing than a regular house so I'm a little unsure about things.


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1. Our home came with oak cabinets, so I done know. Even if the are a laminate cabinet they still need support, if you can figure out how they are currently hung it might help.

2. We had our home built with drywall, the only panelling is in the closets, it does not have a traditional manufactured home feel. But, the even bigger point in your second question is are you sure you can even move your home if that's your eventual plan? I would look into that question a little more before you decide to put a lot of money into your home. Many times if it's even possible to move a home, the cost is prohibitive. You might be better off looking at a brand new home delivered to your land and step up there.
3. Again, no suggestions. Since we have drywall we have studs.

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Your studs are probably 24 inches on center.

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We had our fake wood cabinets refaced . They are not great but better than the fake stuff. We have 6 inch exterior walls and I believe the studs are real. The guy took our cabinets down to rebuild them then re hung them. So far no problems. Been a couple of years.

I kind of crazy thing I did for our cabinets inside was use the peel and stick floor tiles on the shelves instead of paper or. It is holding up really well and looks great. Very pleased with that effort.

If I had it to do over again I would completely replace all of the cabinets with good ones. not going to now. Hind sight. Oh well.

I do believe the sheet rock walls is a good idea. Makes them lo so much more solid.

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Thank you for answering my questions everyone! It's great to hear feedback from other mh owners. This website has been very helpful.

chrissyb2411, thank you for the suggestion. I will make sure to check into that before making any major updates/renovations.

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Your vinyl-covered wall panels are drywall. The drywall may be a bit thinner than that on conventional construction, perhaps 5/16 thick. The drywall is to meet fire codes. Wood paneling was too flammable.

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Katina when I bought my 1991 DW I found this site and it was very helpful to me. I've been here for about 4 years now and have almot totally remodeled everything. There are so many variations in building DW manuafactured homes that you have to just research and make your own decisions. I thought about replacing the vinyl wih drywall as well but chose the option of priming and painting and am very happy with that. I also had the fake wood cabinets and chose to keep them and stain them. Many people also paint them. Depends on what you want to spend the money on.I posted pictures of my remodel, I like to look at the posts with pictures as that seemed the most helpful to me. Live in it for a while and some research and take it one project at a time. Good luck!

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Yes, your walls are probably Sheetrock, just thinner than in a site built home. And your studs are there, just farther apart than site built.

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Thank you everyone!

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