Feel bad for DH, crazy and pregnant

emmhipJanuary 9, 2006

I am 32 weeks pregnant, and going through that horrible hormonal craziness, and I feel so bad about the way I am treating my family right now. My DH and 3year old DD are suffering because I can't handle anything right now. I loose my patience, cry, and act very much unlike myself pretty much all the time now. I can't wait for this pregnancy to end, but I am a little worried that I will have post-partum, or that I have pre-partum now! My husband is trying his best to appease me, but I just feel awful physically and mentally. Can anyone relate?

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I can realate, my second pregancy I felt horrible. My first was a brezze, I was very excited about my first and I was just wanting my second to get over with. I never had post pardom at all with my first but I did a little with my second. Talk with your doctor see what he suggest. Things will get better its just very important that you let not only your husband how you feel but also your doctor. There are meds that they can give you to help out. Stay strong things will get better.

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Oh yes dear! I was not 'glowing' when I was pregnant - I was howling!

It is very likely that you may also start having terrible PMS after your pregnancy.

The biggest thing that helped me was keeping a chart on the calendar of my emotions and physical condition. It didn't change wether or not I was cranky, moody or headachey. But I did learn that this behavior fell into a definite pattern over the course of a few months.

Knowing that helped me deal with it a little better. Anytime that I felt that I was about to really lose my temper over something I checked the calendar. If it was in the middle of the 'pattern' I made myself wait a day or two before I took any action on whatever issue was bothering me.

Believe me, it was not pretty. I had 4 pregnancies in three years (miscarraige problems) and my hormones were all confused. I think I destroyed two whole sets of china in that period.

Good luck to you. Pamper yourself, and hug your child and your DH at least once a day wether you feel like it or not.

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Both my pregnancies were nightmares. I hated being pregnant. I threw up the whole nine months, 4 or 5 times a day everyday with both pregnancies. I would just sit and cry. My poor husband didn't know what to do. At that time, in my mind he couldn't do anything right. I can't figure out how he didn't just divorce me for mental cruelty.


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Wow, these pregnancies sound like my second! To say I was nuerotic is putting it lightly :-( I remember being so hungry I would cry, but most times I tried to eat, I'd throw up. I also flung a kitchen chair at my husband and put a hole in the wall...I did weigh 17 pounds less than before though, and the baby is a healthy 6 year old now.

If it's anything like my experience, eventually you will laugh about it. I think after 32 weeks, your husband probably understands and everything will be okay. I am sorry you're miserable-it's not fun when it's happening.

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Thank God I am not the only one! I know feeling a little out of control and weepy is considered "normal" in a pregnancy, it's just been very overwhelming lately, and I don't really remember feeling this way with my first.

I think part of it is that I didn't already have a child to take care of, I was still in that dreamy "1st baby" phase. Plus, I could nap, clean, shop, do whatever, whenever because I was not taking care of anyone else. Gurley, I am going to try the chart and see what happens, I have a doctors appointment on Friday and I will definitely be mentioning my recent mood swings as well. I'll keep you guys posted. Thanks!

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