Mirrored bar (?) area

danandcarolNovember 6, 2013

We recently bought this 1986 Fleetwood single wide and are in the process of trying to give it some new life. I know it looks really bad in the 'for sale' pictures here, but planning to put in vinyl plank (hardwood-look) floors, stone tile on front of bar, wainscoting, and (lots of) paint! But cannot figure out the mirrored, triangular area to the left of the bar (not a great picture, but it will give you an idea). On the kitchen side, it makes a nice catty-cornered break between counters, and the stove sits there; but on the living room side, I can't figure out ANYTHING to make it look better. There are individual panes of mirror (6 on each side of triangle area), divided by flimsy, wallpaper covered strips. I'm assuming it was originally a bar area maybe (?), but I don't want to use it for that purpose. Any ideas for re-doing this area (on a budget) would be greatly appreciated. Pictures of what anybody else has done with an area similar would be wonderful!

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The picture does not give a good idea of any angles involved. A couple more pics from other angles would be helpful.

My first thought is that, all else failing, a nice tall bookcase might be the cure.

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Sorry for the bad pic : ) Will try to get a better one soon. It's kind of a lopsided triangle. Are you suggesting putting a bookcase in FRONT of it, or putting shelves in it to make a bookcase? I don't even see a way to attach any shelves, and no evidence of any past shelving. Honestly, I thought about just sheetrocking over the space and making it flat wall; however, I always hate to waste a space. All ideas are appreciated : )

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Perhaps it would be helpful if you could point out just where in the pic the mirror tiles are, so that I know what space you are talking about. I can't tell what anything is in this pic except for a kitchen passthru window and a doorway to the right of that, as you stand in what seems to be the living room. The mattress and bad photo angle keep everything on the left impossible to figure out.

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Sorry ... I'll do my best to point out where the mirrors actually are. They are to the left of the kitchen pass-thru. Wish I had a way to draw a diagram on here : ) but cannot figure out a way to do that. The mirrored area is a triangular-shaped area, with the front open. The left side of the 'triangle' is mirrored straight back in line with the wall where you see the mattress leaning (the outside wall). The third side of the triangle is angled directly back to the right-side of the opening. Hope that makes sense ... it's hard to describe in words.

I can't see any holes where there might have ever been shelves, and can't figure out what it's original purpose might have been. Hopefully someone has something similar in their MH and can enlighten me and offer suggestions for what they did with this area. I really hate the mirror tiles.

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Do you mean "rectangle" not triangle?

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