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steve_2007November 2, 2009

Does anyone have any experience/recommendations regarding manufactured/modular housing? Although we put a substantial chunk of change down on our current house, we didn't have enough to pay cash, so we have a mortgage. As I am 6 years away from retirement, I would like to become debt-free now rather than wait until I'm actually retired and then be pressured to either keep working or be forced to sell at whatever I can. Manufactured housing certainly seems like a more economical route to go Clayton Homes seems reasonable, but I found some bad reviews of them on the web, maybe not from around here though. We've already looked at a land/lease place but don't want to go that route because we wouldn't actually be debt-free since we'd be paying monthly land rent fees. Anybody have experience with Clayton Homes? Thanks for the help.

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I have lived in a 1300 hundred sq. ft. Clayton for 16 years now and had no problems so far. I would get the best insulation and windows they have.Mine has been easier to heat and cool than the house i sold.


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