Expo Factory in Burleson, TX

oknevNovember 10, 2009

Hi I am new here. Like many others on the board my husband and I are considering selling our stick built home for a manufactured home with some land. Hopefully, we can put enough down from the sale of our home to not have too much to mortgage. I would like it if my husband could retire one day. ha! Anyway, I have looked at SO many different manufacturers and am more confused than ever. Just when I think I have settled on one brand I read something that changes my mind. Has anyone ever bought a home from the Expo FActory in Burleson, Tx? And if so does it really save you money to buy from them vs. the dealer??

They build Champion and Redman I think. Would love to hear if you have a Champion what your thoughts are.

Thanks in advance!

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Sorry I don't know anything about Expo but you might do an internet search for Elliot Homes. They manufacture homes in Oklahoma and have a pretty good rep for quality.

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