Modular homes?

mannabsnNovember 3, 2007

Does anyone know of any modular or panelized home companies that ship nationwide and have owner-builder programs?

We've been looking into building a modular vs. buying a doublewide and have been unable to find any modular builders in our area, unfortunately (rural Mississippi - not near the coast).

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I believe any company will ship nationwide. But at a very high cost per mile. That's what there are regional factories.
And you can act as the GC on the project too. But why? Are you experienced enough to have the foundation exactly as needed? Are you experienced enough to arrange for the crane to lift the home to the foundation?
The cost of a modular really isn't that much less than if you did your own lot clearing, well, septic, foundation, electrical, etc on a stick built home. The ONLY advantage to a modular is TIME.

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There is a Mississippi manufactured housing association where you might find a manufacturer who can direct you to a local builder. This link is to the manufacturer listings:

Unfortunately, it doesn't break down the list to modular or mobile home manufacturers so you may have to do some calling.

No company I know of will ship nationwide. Certainly not the companies I've worked for or dealt with. Not only the per mile cost, but state highway permits, police escorts and tying up the transport vehicles and drivers for for days on end prohibit it. Also few companies would want the added burden of having to comply with up to 50 different state building codes and amendments.

Christopherh is right, you should look for a regional manufacturer and look carefully at being your own GC.


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I think that the manufacturer should be within two hours driving time of the final site. Some States do not permit modulars to move earlier than 9AM due to road congestion. But with good luck, that still permits setting and drying-in the house in one day. And the delivery drivers get to spend the night in their own bed. In the case of Nationwide homes, the delivery drivers also work and coordinate the setting, along with the local dealer/builder crew.

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We're in Vermont. Our modular came from central Pennsylvania. Hardly a two hour drive. And it sat in place for about 4 days as the foundation guy got behind and it wasn't ready in time. But things went smothly from the time the crane arrived. We were still in the home 90 days after we placed the order to the factory.

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We bought one from Precision Homes out of Oscilla, Georgia and they do ship to Mississippi. We have had lots of people who have worked on modular homes that are built here in Florida and they have all been impressed with the quality and workmanship on our home.

Their website is

We bought the 2 story Yorkshire Cape.

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