RE: Trying to Identify 'Black Spots'

psalteeOctober 16, 2011

We're looking to clean the outside of our mh and we'll be using the '30 Second' cleaner. It really does a great job on cleaning tough weathered areas. My question is what I call dirt splatters that seems to be dried on. Is this just dried on mold or is it really dried on dirt splatters. Best way to describe it is to say that when it rains and dust and dirt are blown in every direction after the rain it appears that the rain caused some of what the wind blew in to stick to the gutters and parts of the siding. The '30 Second' liquid that I'll has got bleach in it so whatever it is will be killed and the area will be cleaned. Anybody ever have this experience?


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I haven't seen it on our siding. We have the white plastic siding but our home is pretty new. I have seen it on the older homes that have that wood textured type siding that swells when wet. The one I see often is abandoned now but is consumed in black mold on the outside.

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