What do you like most about being married?

MeghaneJanuary 19, 2003

It looks like it's time for another positive post about being married.

So what is your favorite part about being married?

I love waking up with Dave in the mornings and going to sleep with him wrapped around me at night. I'm not an especially clingy person, but I do love him being close at night.

What's your favorite part of being married?

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Having the feeling that it's not just "me vs. the world" and my DH is definitely on my side against it! LOL

A lot of other great things, too, but I think that's the main one.

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The companionship, the unwavering support, having a best friend that I also get to live with :)

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Having someone to share my life with and to know that I am loved and love in return. But there is much more involved in having a happy marriage and I feel blessed to be married to such a great guy.

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Me too! Having my best friend always there for me... Knowing that the hard turns, bumps and pot-holes in life are easier to negotiate with him...and we have had some BIG pot-holes...-maria(btw I'm new to this thread...hiya!)

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Besides waking up to fresh coffee every morning....I love knowing I have unconditional love and support from my Mr. Wonderful. It's been a good forty years.

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Getting to spend everyday with my best friend--who is the most incredible man that I've ever met--lucky me!!! :):):)

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I love knowing there's someone there for me through thick or thin. I love raising my child with the man who helped me create her. I love knowing that Im loved.

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I love knowing that no matter what I have a champion on my side. My husband would stand up for me always. Also I go to bed before he does, he's a night owl and I am expecting so need my sleep. Every night he comes in and tucks me in and kisses me goodnight, just knowing that he watches out for me is love.

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The best thing, even after all these years (45) to fall asleep curled up next to my hubby, feeling safe. We can argue over little things, inconsequential things, but we trust each other to be there.

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Definitely having my best friend around all the time. Uh ... with benefits! hee hee!

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I like being respected and loved. It's such a great feeling and so comforting to hear him pull in the garage at the end of the day. I love knowing that he is coming home to me. He kisses me goodbye in the mornings and always calls around 9:30 to see how I am. He takes the kids downstairs so I can take a nap when I need it. He cares about me and it just feels so great!

I also like the feeling of taking care of him. Many people don't understand that we need to be needed. Just like we need food, water, love and encouragement we have a need to feel like we are needed. I know he needs me and that feels great.

There are so many wonderful things about being married, how could I begin to name them all? Other than spending my life with the man I love, I think I've hit the biggies (for me, at least).

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All of the above, except we raised each others' children and didn't have any of our own. s'ok, 5 were enough! I also appreciate the fact that we don't fuss and fight with each other and neither has a need to change the other.

That fresh coffee each morning and the 20 minutes in bed waking up is one of the very best parts :0)

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Spending every day with my best friend! We dated in college and have been married for 16 years, with 3 children. Now that our oldest is a teenager and can babysit, we can go out whenever we want and it is wonderful! No one knows me like my DH. He knows how to handle my moods, knows how to keep me from worrying (he is very laid-back while I can be pretty uptight at times), knows how to make me laugh! He does drive me crazy, too, with his little annoying habits. But I would rather be with him than anyone else. I am excited to live the rest of my life with him!

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I love the companionship, knowing that he'll be with me through thick and thin. I love that he wants the best for me and wants me to be happy. I love that to hang out with him, and work beside him doing something for the house or church.


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It is great to know so many of us are married to our best friends! Our kids are now grown and gone and it is so wonderful to have all this time to ourselves. We have our own business so we work together as well as spend our leisure time together. We have different hobbies, but love sharing our excitment in those hobbies with one another.

We are on the same page usually, but when we disagree it is in a conversational manner and never turns into anger. We respect each other too much to hurt with words or deeds. Sometimes, I even admit I'm wrong!!!

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Watching movies & eating popcorn togther on the wknds & sharing the workload.

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my husband really is the best guy in the entire world. really. i know everyone says so about their spouse, but really, he's the best. we were really close freinds for 8 years before we got married, and honestly it's the best thing i've ever done. ever. Our marriage is passionate, loving, creative, hillarious, and cute...the best thing is knowing about eachother as much as we do. it isn't fake, because we already know so much. He's loyal. in fact, the most loyal person i've ever known. he's true to his word, he's honest, he's nver let me down on a promise and i trust him entirely. plus he's monogamous, and INCREDIBLE in the bedroom. He loves me and spoils me in nonmatierialistic ways. compliments me, kisses and hugs me in public and in private. showers with me, washes my hair, cuddles me at night. I love to cook for him and do his laundry cause he just smells so good. i watch movies with him, take road trips, shop together. and when we argue it's involved and real and we settle it because, my husband, ladies and gentlemen, demands that we talk and discuss our problems. i love him so much. i love that he's focused and driven and has a sence of humor. i love that we can argue and still love eachother, that i can be vulnerable and not feel exposed. i love that i am in such love with a man that is so in love with me. i love when i look down at my band, i know that the person whom i love the most in life is wearing it's partner, and i jsut have to grin at the thought of him. i still swear that i wished him, or something. He's smart, handsom, funny, sexy, playful, he's nice to everyone, and he loves animals. i can go on forever about him. it's just that damn good. i love my husband, i adore my marriage. i couldn't ask for anything or anyone more. i truly am the luckiest woman in the universe. I love u robbie. always.

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the companionship, the support, friendship, knowing i`am not going through life by myself. also the 2nd income and the sex isnt bad either.

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Sheesh. I wanted all that. Twice. :(

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The same as Pashan, except we have no kids, and also, I love the way we complement each other in taking care of all the troublesome little things that come up in life--fixing broken toilets, mending clothes, making phone calls, giving advice when one of us has a problem. DH has never bored me in 46 years, and when we have to drive a long distance, the time passes quicker because we enjoy talking so much. I love knowing I can share funny incidents and funny cartoons with him and he will laugh at them as hard as I do. There have been some rocky times in the past, coming from two quite different cultures the way we do (American and Japanese), but things just keep on getting better and better.

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companionship is the best...children, and now grandchildren next in line!

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Marriage is smothering. Single is better, At least for me it is.

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Knowing that my husband always has my back.
Knowing he respects me and loves me unconditionally.
Knowing I have someone to grow old with.
Knowing he'll do anything for me.
Knowing he's mine and I get all his love (we have no kids)

And I can say the same about me toward him.

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This is a kick! 7 1/2 years and just look at the incredible number of responses. Thinking perhaps the silent circumstance speaks loudly.

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We lived next door to each other and growing up together. Now married for 18 years. He is gentle, caring and generous to all my siblings. He helps me with all house work without being ask, but most of all he can fix anything and everything. That save bundle of money. He never never never mad at me or my son. He loves us very much and do many things to show his love.

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LOL Asolo!!!

I love being married except when I don't :)

Mostly I like being comfortable with another person. I really feel like my DH and I accept and love each other, even though we both get on the last nerve. I enjoy the companionship.

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Companionship, but I am buying a dog.

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In these days, marriage is only the name of a license. Through this two person ties together legally to pass the all life together. But still most of them could not last for long. So, in such a time, one can enjoy the life with out getting marriage license, I mean, can get child & more.

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I'm not married yet but it feels like I've been married for years. Personally I love how she inspires me to be a better person physically, mentally, and spiritually. she just helps me become the man that I want to be for her. I can't believe I get to spend the rest of my life with my one and only. I am utterly and truly happy.

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