problems with mice

luvdogsOctober 7, 2006


This is our first manufactured. Small but cute - lots of windows.

We put lots of mice bait under the flooring (crawling around in the dirt underneath the house). Now there's an awful odor of what I assume is decaying mice.

Any way to deal with this prob?


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I'll move this down.

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You can try getting a large can of cayenne pepper and sprinkle it heavily under the floors. The mice will decay eventually, but there will be more unless you keep them from hanging out under there. We had a terrible mouse problem with our camper and nothing seemed to work (the dryer sheets sure don't). I was literally vacuuming up live micey babies when we would come to take the camper out of storage. Also, they damaged so many pieces of farm machinery including completely destroying the electrical system of our pick-up truck.

We have a litter of kittens now and although they are pretty young and just play with the mice, just their presense has totally elimated the problem. Consider a neutered outdoor cat.

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I think I read once that you have to let it go. It takes about 2 weeks or so and you shouldn't smell it anymore.

Thank goodness we haven't had a problem like that yet. We have an outside cat, though :)

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I live in the woods thus mice always coming in the only solution i decided i could live with was old fashioned mousetraps,so icould get rid of dead mice. I could'nt handle the smell of a rotting mouse either.
My daughter has 2 cats and no mice.

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Get a cat... it's the only thing that worked for us. WE get mice in our heatvents that die, and when the heat kicks on, they REALLY stink the joint up. However, we've had our cat for two years and it really cut down on the mice population... excfept they still do die under the house.

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another thing to try is, at every drain hole, dryer vent hole, and nook under the sinks, we had a huge problem, WE HAD RATS ! big ones, until we got the foamy DAP brand foam and filled the cracks. solved the problem, as we also acquired 5 cats, that sealed the deal. no mice.
dont forget the hot water heater area either,
hope this helps,

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take zzladies advice for sure, then switch mouse bait. They make bait that dries the mice up and they don't stink, and yes it works. I bought some from a local farm supply and the man there showed me where the mice got in his desk drawer and ate the poison which was right beside a pack of nabs. This type of poision is usually a "once eat=dead" so you have to be very careful with it around pets and children.

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