Adding new circuit in MH?

locomikeOctober 25, 2008

I am going to have to run a new dedicated circuit for a whirlpool soon. I didn't know what the common practice was for doing such in a MH. Is there anything wrong with running UF wire or BX wire from the main panel inside, down the conduit underneath the home and then running it from underneath the house to where it needs to go and up into the wall? Anything wrong with it laying exposed or anything? Wouldn't think so since UF is for underground, wet, etc. locations or the BX having it's own conduit. Thx guys.

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If you run under your home you should make sure you use BX or protect your UF from rodents and such. Put it in conduit to be safe. I used the Grey plastic to run my lines in and I secured it to the bottom of the floor joist with clamps every four feet of the run. Make sure you have enough amps available to run your whirlpool without overloading your service. I would install a interrupter circuit breaker in the panel for that circuit due to the use of water. Check your local codes safe, not sorry!

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I can't attach it to the joists without cutting up the whole underbelly (insulation) to secure it. Won't a GFCI outlet be fine? Sounds like i'll just use BX. Don't you have to use a metal duplex box when using BX?

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You don't need to tear up the underbelly...just use clamps or pipe strap to secure the conduit to the bottom of the house. You should be able to tell where the joist run under the belly. Just secure the straps to the joist through the underbelly. As for using BX over romex, well BX is much more time consuming to run, and much more expensive as well. Yes, you do need to use metal boxes with it. Yes, you can just use an GFCI outlet as well. Ten feet of Grey conduit is very cheap and very user friendly stuff. BX by the way really isn't made anymore, but the term is still used when referencing metal shielded wire. It is usually used under sinks or cabinets where wire could be damaged. It really isn't meant for use outdoors or for long runs either. Hope this helps you out.

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Yes it helps me out. By grey pipe you aren't referring to sch.80 are you? Thx again.

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I am referring to sch.40 rigid PVC conduit. For one line I have used 3/4"...I use the larger sizes if I am going to run several lines under the house.
I joined a single wide to a double wide and gutted them both so I could redesign them the way I wanted. So I have run plenty of wire both inside and under the houses. I replaced both electric service panels as well as all outlets and switches to standard stick built home type. New ceilings, drywall, floors, etc... Fun, fun, fun....

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You sound like me. Turning a MH into a standard built LOL. I enjoy it though. This will be my first plumbing experience. I think all I will have to do is run a length of sch 40 over about 40"'s or so from where the drain T's into the waste vent/drain, install the new trap where the whirlpool drain will be and call it good. Wish me luck.

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