How to find foundation Requirements for mobile home

straitguyOctober 14, 2013

Hello. This is my first post. I curently own a mobile home in a small town. It is on some land. I like the home and have done lots of work on it in the 20 years that I've owned it. However, if I have any problems with the sceptic I'll have to move as it would cost too much to put in a new one according to the codes and because my land is too small I'd still have to spend the going rate to have it pumped out every month. About 200 a month. So I purchased some land in the county that luckily has sewer hookups. I've been reading the county codes and looking at what all I'd have to do just in case I had to move my home there. One thing I see in the codes is that the foundation has to be done according to manufacturers instructions. My home is a 1983 commodore. A 14 by 60 singlewide. Anybody with any idea on how I can find the manufacturer of this home and/or the manufacturers instructions for the foundation and site prep? thanks

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You can start by going to the Commodore website. They have a phone number at the end of their FAQ section. Or contact a local Commodore dealer.

The manufacturer's instructions are going to consist of the number and location of supports (piers) under the home as well as the amount of weight they must be able to bear.

Here is a link that might be useful: Commodore homes website

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Thank you for your reply. I did contact the Commodore website when I found it through Google. However, I got no reply. I am also getting no replies from people I contact on Craigslist who do site preparation. When I contact people on the phone and find someone who does this work they say they will look at the site and then get back to me but I never hear from them again. Still trying to find someone to do the site prep. But luckily I'm in no hurry. I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong. Maybe not getting in touch with the right people. Or maybe I'm not following up. I figure if they say they will get back with me then I shouldn't call them and keep bugging them. If they don't get back with me then they don't want to do it I figure.

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Oh, I know what you mean about people not getting back to you. As my husband said, it sure seemed like people ought to be a lot more anxious to take our money!
Anyway, I wish you luck in your search for information. Is there a dealership nearby that could assist you in contacting Commodore or has enough experience in setting up Commodore homes to supply with the info? Or even a manufactured home moving company ought to have that info. After all, they do the setup of the home in the new location, right?

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