I think it's vinyl on the walls/coming loose

jessica2010October 31, 2010

I'm not sure what type of stuff is on the walls. It covers the entire mobile home, except kitchen. It is pure white (off white) and whoever put this vinyl (wall paper?) on, put it right over the battens. So now by a lot of the battens there are bulges, that look like air. It's almost like they should have taken the batten off of the wall first and then put up this vinyl (wall paper?).

It's a 1991 home but the new covering was put on the walls in early 2008 or late 2007. I notice the bubbling/air around the batten by the summer of 2009.

Now I think there is also water damage/condensation problem as well. On one of the walls, there is a spot where the vinyl (wall paper?) has bubbled up due to it getting wet. It's not a small spot either but a good square foot.

I've searched all over the internet, read many sites on putting up drywall in mobile homes as well as remodeling etc. and I have yet to find a vinyl type wall covering. I know they put in a few pieces of new drywall but not all of it. I have seen the back of some of the panels and it's the old wall paper from before.

I'm curious if anyone knows what this could be? It doesn't feel like paint. It tears off like plastic almost, so it's definitely a covering like wall paper.

Do some people just slap on vinyl sheets on their walls? I've never heard of it being done or seen a home with it. So I'm curious. What would possess someone to vinyl over drywall when they could just paint over it or put up better wall paper? Is it cheaper?

Thanks for your help.

My question is

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Oh and when it's torn off, what is immediately behind it is the wall board. However in some areas I see where this stuff has been put on, but if you look on the back side of the panel (drywall 4x8 panel), you can see the old wall paper. For example in the laundry room, if you look inside the wall, you can see the panel has wall paper on it/ the old wall paper that was on it from before. It is almost like they took the wall board out, turned it around and nailed it in and put a vinyl coat over it?

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I think my concern would be to get it down anywhere that you think there's water damage, then worry about what to replace it with.

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