Can this relation marry

pezza3434January 23, 2007

Quick question...

In the U.K is it ok to marry your dad's, 1st cousins, daughter? Also does it tend to be frowned upon by people or is it not such a big deal?

Thanks a lot

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If you're royalty, it's practically expected!

I'd check with the bureau that issues marriage licenses - Here in the colonies, it is legal in some places to marry your own first cousin, but not in others.

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That's your second cousin. As far as I know, that's legal most places here (US), but you'll, of course, want to check for your location. Why not just call whoever issues marriage certificates in your jurisdiction--that would be the quickest, surest way to get the info you need, specific to your area.

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If it's her dad's first cousin he would be her 2nd cousin and the daughter would be the 3rd cousin right? At least that's how I always thought it went.

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No, that's not correct.

Children of first cousins are second cousins. When second cousins have children, they're 3rd cousins to each other.

Now, the poster is a 'first cousin once-removed' to dad's first cousin.

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Azzalea is correct, the dad and daughter are first cousins, once removed.

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