Dealer trying to make me pay for something not in contract.

GiveMeToroOctober 19, 2011


Ok, a little back story:

My wife and I had a little girl last year and decided to move to a smaller town, the most affordable option was to buy a manufactured home and have a basement poured. We picked out the house we liked and made a down payment.

In July the basement crew showed up and poured our basement. We payed an extra $1500.00 for 9' walls to cover the space the frame of the house would take up. When they were done I noticed that there were bolts sticking up on the tops of the walls, not notched out for beams like our salesmen had told us it would be.

I called and we found out that he had put in the wrong basement type to be poured and the only option was for him to change the house from a frame on manufactured, to a frame off modular. It was a $9000.00 option that he had to cover on his own for his screw up.

Middle of last month, the home was set. They had it up and ready to move in in around 5 days (No complaints on the moving crew or basement crew)

However, I just received a phone call from our "Sales Agent" that we bought the house through and he is telling me that the basement jack stands were supposed to be included into the sales contract that we all signed, and some how they were left off. Now he is telling me that I have to come up with 950.00 to cover the cost of the basement stands.

It sounds to me like he forgot to put the price into the contract and is trying to re-coop cost so he doesn't have to pay out of pocket.

So my question is, am I liable for paying for them even if they were not a part of the written/signed contract?


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Sounds like a messed up situation overall. I guess a lot depends on whether you want to get decent warranty work done on your place, should the need arise. Getting the wrong basement poured, and changing from a manufactured to modular home was a big hit they had to take out of their profit - if they even made a profit on your home. Paying for the jackstands may not be legally required, if they are not mentioned as a cost in the contract, but doing so may go a along way toward maintaining a good relationship with your dealership.

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When you say basement stands I assume you mean "jack posts". Jack posts are available at Home Depot or Lowes for arund $10 each. Depending on the length of the home you probably only need 4 or 5 on each side. They can be installed in about 10-15 minutes each. My guess is that the price they are charging includes their labor and a very big profit.

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If its not on contract its his loss,you signed it at the beginning thats what you agreed on.Thats what a contract is for.So they dont come back later.

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