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gypsyroseOctober 4, 2006

Hi everyone. I just wanted to get some info on pricing for a small modular home without actually having to talk to a salesman, since I am just casually exploring the option. Can anyone give me any ball park figures here? I am in Florida, so the home would set on a slab or built up foundation (not a basement) and I am looking for something small, simple and cost effective, maybe 1000-1200 sq. ft no garage. I do know a good GC here in my town who builds the modulars, and would probably contract with him to do the work.

Our current situation is that we have an acre of land with an old home on it which we are living in, but it is in need of many repairs and would cost more to renovate than it is even worth, not to mention a funky, obsolete floor plan. I would build the modular next to the existing home, and just keep the old home for storage. I would appreciate any advice or info you can give on pricing and/or financing options. Thanks!

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I think your best bet would be to visit the local contractor that you mentioned. Even with your description of what you want, there are so many other variables, both in design and local pricing trends that even a ball park figure from me or someone not familiar with your area may just be a wild guess.

Even when casually exploring the options, you should be accumulating useful information and the local contractor is in the best position to offer you some.

Good luck.


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Nobody here can give you a price. But maybe I can help as I have a modular the same size you mention.

The concrete slab or foundation will cost the same as a site built ome. The lot clearing (if any) will be the same, electrical and sewer hookups will be the same, landscaping will be the same, do you get my drift?

So when you talk to the salesmen you'll get a price for the house ONLY. Add in transportation, crane costs, etc and the total cost will come to about the same as a site built home. But it'll be done in 90 days as opposed to 6 to 9 months.

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There is a pretty good site on the web right now called Southern Orchid Development, they offer floor plans, pictures, and PRICES! I found them the other day when looking for a home to purchase in central Florida. I think I remember seeing them having a few homes in the range you are looking for. Check it out. Their homes were ranging from the low 100's to upper 300's!

Here is a link that might be useful: Southern Orchid Development

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We recently purchased a modular home from a company in Georgia. It is a 2 story - 2200 sq ft but can also be bought as a single story - 1500 sq ft.

We live in Lakeland. There is one large Modular home builder here in the area (Tampa) but the company we bought from deals with two or three manufactures from out of state. They have all sizes and price ranges. Depends on how much you want done at the manufacturer and how much you want done locally.

I don't think the stem wall would be as much as a regular slab. Some modular homes are left "on frame" and some are "off frame". Those that are off frame are considered the same as stick built homes for mortage purposes.

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