Powering my mobile home off the grid

PhilosophyProfOctober 9, 2013

Hiya folks,
I'm trying to figure out how best to power my mobile home off the grid without using solar-power. I've been trying to do some research but am a little in over my head and am having some trouble sifting through the information. I realize I can obviously use a generator and I think this is the best course of action, but still have a couple questions. Does the generator have to be running continuously to power things that need to be powered continuously like a refrigerator? Can I utilize a battery of some sort to run the continuously powered things and have the generator charge the battery? The mobile home is about 700 sq ft or so. It's my understanding I'll need a 8kw-ish generator probably?

any advice/suggestions greatly appreciated, thanks!!

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We have a number of homes here in Vermont that are off the grid, but they all use solar for electricity, and wood for heat and cooking.

Also there are kerosene powered appliances like refrigerators, etc. The Amish use these.

Below is the link to a company the Amish use.


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A generator is the cheapest short term answer and the most expensive long term answer. How will you store enough fuel for the generator to keep running for more than a few hours? How much will that fuel cost?

I have linked to maps showing the viability of both solar and wind power all over the US. Both of these, particularly solar, are becoming much less expensive. Both would require a battery system for cloudy/windless days.

If you live in a heavily wooded area an outdoor woodburning furnace is an excellent heating option, as it can be hooked up to the existing forced air distribution system in your home.

ChristopherH mentioned the Amish kerosene appliances. I am not familiar with those - the Amish near me use propane powered refrigerators and stoves.

I know there is a natural gas powered generator available. It can be adapted to use propane. Is your home in an area where propane deliveries are available, and can you afford the propane?

Here is a link that might be useful: Wind and Solar Maps

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The older appliances I'm familiar with are kerosene. The newer ones are propane.

And if anybody knows about living off the grid, it's the Amish.

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