Need to replace some KINRO windows....

bookertOctober 10, 2008


I don't want to replace the broken windows (the unit not glass) with Kinro, can I get a replacement that is similar?

Some of the windows leak at the top when the wind blows enough water on them. Not sure if there is a way to put sealer on them outside or not? Can't visually see anywhere there is a problem!

Thanks for the help!

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ok i'll take a wack at this. I'm a window guy but i'm not familiar with Kinro. It probably doesn't matter as most manufacturers use the same window (size) openings.

A pic would be great, but if you can't do it - how do they operate? Up/down? or side to side? or are they Jalousie style where you crank open several panes at once?

We replace MH windows all the time with vinyl units at well below the cost you pay to get say Phillips windows from a dealer. It's pretty crazy how much they charge.

Give us some more info so someone can help.

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Hey thanks, the offending windows operate up/down no crank they have spring loaded bars in the sides.
Yes, we will be doing a DIY in order to replace the broken ones. Thanks again! No $ to have them replaced otherwise.
I will try to get a pic, I don't know how to post to this site but will work on that!

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I have Kinro windows in my manufactured home. the south facing windows have a problem the seal seams to have broken and the window is sweating. the windows have something chiped (white on the inside of the two panes). i looked on the website even buying new the warranty is only for 12 to 18 months. i would suggest to not purchase that brand again. windows shoul last and be warrantied for up to 20 years.

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