Husband: Midlife crisis

goodhome631January 7, 2011

My DH is just over 40 and according to him, experiencing a midlife crisis.

Also, now that his job has become slightly less stressful, he wants sex ALL THE TIME. We have two little kids (5 and 2). I value my sleep. I value my "me" time.

Not only does he want sex at least 1x day (sometimes more), he needs to have foreplay and cuddling after!

I'm somewhat more of a "male" type - I like to have sex, turn over, and then go to sleep. I'm also not necessarily interested in long bouts of foreplay prior to sex.

My husband's demands for my attention rival those of my children. I'm ok with sex 1x day, but sometimes, I just want to watch TV or read a book, and he has a hard time understanding that. Help!

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why does he think hes had a midlife crisis.has your husband had an affair,

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Okay, so he wants sex more often now that he is not stressed. I get that.

Where's the midlife crisis?
Like tracystoke asked... is he having an affair?

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Look, I know this may not be what you want to hear, but I'm a lot older than you and my advice is to absolutely go along with his wishes.


If your husband is 40, I presume you're in the same neck of the woods? In a few years or so, your hormones are going to go crazy. And you know what happens? Women in their mid to late 40's get really, really hungry for sex. I mean to the point of being desparate at times. Doing what he wants now, is money in the bank for when you need him. I have to tell you, my husband enjoyed my journey through menopause--generally 3-5 times a day, every day! It is nature's cruel joke that our peak sexual times rarely align, but still, you'll appreciate his attention in a few years, so I'd show him some now.

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Do you feel close to your husband? Is it possible that he is wanting more closeness, and so he is searching for it via sex? My guess is that your sexual behaviors are reflected in your relationship at large, in that intimacy on any level is a chore. Maybe he recognizes that life is short, and that he wants to have a better relationship with you for his second half of life. You might ask him about that, and find out if there are other ways to build closeness that might fit better for you and at the same time meet his needs.

It is a wise woman who will 'listen' to her husband's heart.

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