New Carpet or Laminate?

nwroseladyOctober 20, 2012

I just bought a 1986 manufactured home which has carpet throughout. The previous owner had the carpet cleaned but it had some stains so I got a carpet allowance. I would prefer either wood or laminate flooring, but I put laminate into a previous house I owned and my feet froze all winter. What should I do? Do those of you with laminate have this problem?

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See if you have any insulation underneath your floor. Even with insulation, laminate will be colder than carpeting. We had stained beige carpeting replaced with laminate and love it, but I do wear fuzzy slippers :-)

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Hate wood/laminate floors for that reason. I want to be warm. No need for fuzzy slippers if you have carpet.

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I have laminate flooring thru out and love it. Yes it goes get a bit chilly in the winter, but I wear fuzzy slippers also. I never go barefooted anyway. Always something on my feet.

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Oh my goodness! If I could rip out my carpet and get laminate or hard wood, I would in a heart beat. The carpet just kicks up so much dust. I just think it makes the room look so much bigger, brighter and cleaner. Just my opinion. One day.......

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Just throwing this out there for one other option. We have both 3/4" hardwood and laminate in our home, and while I love the hardwood, I'm just not a big fan of laminate. Recently purchased a mobile home in a tourist area for a little getaway and we put vinyl strip flooring down in it (we got Luxury Vinyl Plank in cherry from Lowe's). I absolutely love it and would not hesitate to put it in my other house except we're already through with those floors. It was extremely easy to put down (I'm a 60+ grandmother and did it myself), cuts with kitchen shears, and looks just like wood ... also little to no waste because you begin the next row with whatever you cut off the last row. Easy on the budget too, at a little over $1 per square foot. We also used Henry's primer (from Home Depot), and had no problems with it adhering to plywood.

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Wood laminate is better. I always wear slippers indoors so the cold would not bother me, plus I'm in Florida and we don't get too cold down here, and many apartments have tile floors which do get cold.

Wood laminate is a better investment, and last longer and have better resale value, and won't stain like a carpet can. Plus if the new buyer has a pet, carpets are the worst.

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the stuff at Costco [hard wood laminate] with the insulation on the bottom is on sale alot this time of the year . i put it in 2 years ago after ripping up old carpet . 3 dogs and cat 3 adults and 2 baby's , it looks good yet .it is amazing how much dirt we can track in a day.needs sweeping every day with all the in and out

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I have a near new manufactured home. It has carpet in the living room and linoleum throughout the rest of the house. I am replacing all that with 'engineered' hardwood. Laminate flooring will lift or buckle if it gets wet. I would NEVER use laminate flooring for that reason.

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