wood stove in manufactured home

dillydee8930October 18, 2008

Has anyone ever put a wood stove through an existing fireplace chimney in there manufactured home? if so did you add new chimney pipe or liner?

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Go to a stove shop before you do anything else. You need a stove that's certified for manufactured home installation. You can't put in just any stove.
There are plenty of inserts that will allow you to use the existing chimney, but you will need a liner to reduce the opening from 8 inches to 6 inches. And the chimney will need to be insulated too. That's why you NEED to talk to a stove shop. Also if you need any service down the road, the stove shop will be ther to help, as the manufacturers won't be much help at all.

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can you tell me the difference between a wood stove for a manufactured home and a wood stove made for a stick home?? besides the price!! and the fact you need to use it with the pedestal and not the legs, and i know we dont need the stove bolted down as we are on a foundation, we found the pipe that is recomended UL-103HT but that poses a problem it is a 6" liner but with the insulation and all the total w is 8 inches (same size as chimney pipe already in there, so i need to find out if the old chimney pipe can come out so that the UL-103HT can be installed in there, thank you for answering my question.

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Go to www.hearth.com and ask over there. That's where the EXPERTS are. They will give you a straight answer to all your questions.

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Thank-you old-vt-crafter
btw i LOVE VT my parents were born and raised there, i will never figure out why they diddnt stay,i try to get to vt as much as possible,still have family there) maybe thats why i moved here (very small town IN) reminds me some of vt without the mountains lol

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May I ask why you want to install a wood stove if you already have a fireplace? I installed a corn/pellet stove in our home that been just great! It's vent pipe is just 3" dia and goes through the wall and then up to the roof. My home insurance was not affected because it is approved for mobile home use, and it has cut our propane use in half! I love the look of a wood stove too, but they require careful installation and considerations in any home. Even though your home is on a foundation, the house is not constructed the same as a stick built. The materials used are very different and meant to make the house lighter in weight for ease of movement. Because of this fact our homes are more susceptible to things like wind, water, and yes..even fire.
Old VT crafter is right about checking things out at a stove shop, but do yourself a favor and check out your local codes and even do a bit of research online as well.
U.S. Stove is a good place to check for info on line.

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