how to hang a planter?

SnomamOctober 23, 2006

I want to install a hook to hang a planter from my ceiling. My mfg. home has a cathedral ceiling with no attic, so I can't look up there to see where a truss is. The ceiling has the popcorn finish and to tap with a hammer to find some wood would destroy the finish. I've been to all the DIY websites I could find, looking for instructions, no luck. Does anybody know how to do this? TIA

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You could try an electronic or a magnetic stud finder. (Not sure how they work through the popcorn finish.) Borrow one, if you can. When you think you've found a rafter, try drilling a test hole using the narrowest bit that you can.


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I did it! The stud finder only works vertically, and slides back and on the ceiling and with the popcorn finish, that wasn't working. So I drilled holes with the smallest drill bit, the 4th one hit wood! The tiny holes were no problem to patch. Plant looks lovely!

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Congrats! The popcorn finish is very forgiving, isn't it?


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