Love in the Winter

scarlett2001January 31, 2011

Here it is, the deepest part of the long winter. Lots of snow, cold and storms over most of the country. The lucky people can escape to a warmer place, but most of us have to tough it out where we are. What are you and your spouse doing to warm up?

Cuddling in front of the fire or having heated arguments?

And is long underwear ever sexy?

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Oh Scarlett I can but dream of lovely cold snowy weather as I sit here sweltering in Sydney. It is hot, and will be for the rest of the week. I don't think I am lucky !

Already I am peeved as much needed groceries were not purchased by DH, as I asked for, whilst I was sweating away at work. By the end of this heat spell, I might have further postings !

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I think long underwear can be sexy ;)

Here it's a beautiful, sunny, 65. My honey brought me fish tacos for lunch and we took a small stroll in the sun after we ate.

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My SO is oversees on a business trip so I shoveled two feet of snow after a storm. After I shoveled, it snowed more, so I did more shoveling. It's been brutally cold and snowy and winter is nowhere near the end...I do feel sexy in my sweatpants laying in front of the TV right now and my back hurts. LOL

As about what we do to keep to warm... We both have demanding careers, we leave home at 6AM, spend at least two hours a day commuting, more when there is snow or traffic, then it could be 3 or even 4 hours. And we come home at 6PM or later exhausted. We also often take work home. We have a rule that on the weekend we spend one day doing household chores but one day doing fun stuff: movies, or show, or walking, or eating out or shopping (ha we do like shopping).

What keeps romance is that we take care of each other and we have certain routine like reading in bed before going to sleep etc.

Long underwear? SO never wears it. But he just mailed two pairs to his dad, it took us awhile to find any because this winter is so bad that I guess everyone bought a pair. We went to 4 stores. My whole life I lived in cold climates, I think it started getting to me...

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I don't and never would wear long underwear unless I was poverty stricken or lived way, way, way up north. My sis wears it, wraps her self up in blankets because of her tight a** husband. I think he has a regulator on the thermostat. I will wear a sweater, and will use a throw if I take a nap in my recliner, but that's it. A furnace is to keep you warm, not just to keep you from freezing.

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I'm with you, Vala55. I like to be warm.

I have taken to wearing pj's and socks to bed - not real sexy but they keep me warm. We do cuddle more in the winter, not from romatic impulses, but out of necessity. It's an animal thing.

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asolo electric blanket. Don't want anything between her and me. Thankfully, she doesn't either. Snuggle city. Other stuff-city, too.

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You sly dawg! So our tough Asolo has a cuddly side? Who woulda thunk it?

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Yo scarlett.......with have no idea. Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors. And isn't that wonderful?

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Yes, still waters run deep.

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