Phobic about hanging art & mirrors on MH walls!

carolbarrelSeptember 24, 2012

Helllp! I think I've got a phobia! I moved in April and have not as yet affixed any framed art or mirrors to my walls. I'm so afraid that they are carboard thin walls and structurally not sound enough to hold heavy mirrors and such. I think I know where the studs might be (likely under those strip things that run vertically down the walls?) What happens if I drive a nail into one of those strip thingies, will it crack the whole strip and cause a mess? Tips please on what to use and where to place mirrors and framed art on flimsy MH walls...thanks in advance!

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Hope you get an answer b/c I'm having the same phobia. We moved in this double wide 2 years ago and I'm afraid to hang anything heavy on the walls and actually couldn't find the studs when I was using a stud finder. Then I was told it was where the strip things are so think you are right there.

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For what it's worth, I was once told that the studs are metal on the outside walls and wood on inside walls. That said, we hung a huge, heavy picture on an inside wall; it has 2 hanger rings on the back and a note that said NOT to use wire. We used 2 OOK brand weight-bearing hooks. One may be in a stud, but honestly, I don't remember. So far, it hasn't fallen :-).

You might try to contact the MH manufacturer to find out what they use for studs.

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I have even hung a painting that easily weighs over 40 lbs and mirrors that weigh upwards of 10 to 15 lbs. Use anchors if you do not hit a stud. I use the metal scissor type, not sure what they are called. I have only had one thing fall down but it wasnt because of the anchor.

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I was unsure about my stud placement till I started using this studfinder that has a little needle. You poke it into the wall and if it doesn't go all the way in you've hit a stud. It was so much more accurate than my digital one... I think as long as you hit a stud or use drywall anchors you'll be fine. The construction of our homes may be a little different from stick built, but that doesn't mean the walls will fall down if you hang something on them. I love using Command strips too, then I don't have to fool with the studs

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The strips on the wall have nothing to do with the studs. I made that mistake... mine didn't break and make a mess, but theres nothing behind them. (Were actually going to take them off in our house and mud and tape over the seam and then paint to make it look more finished...)
Any way, back to the question, I had a fairly heavy piece of art hanging in my hall with out an anchor and it lasted for longer than I expected till someone walked too close to the wall and bumped it off. But in the same house I had to rehang my toilet paper holder 4 times cause it kept pulling out of the wall even with anchors (I finally put it vertically to make sure it hit the same stud). But when I turned an extreamly heavy paned window into a mirror to hang in my guest room I used 5 (seriously 5!!) wall anchors and I was still nervous whenever a door slammed.
In conclusion I don't think I helped much, the anchors I tend to go for are the heavy duty ones, I don't remember the name, but i buy them at walmart and they have a bull dog on them...

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Always use a stud finder and hang in a stud. We found that usung an anchor in drywall w/o putting it in the stud only wallowed out a big hole. Just hang in the stud and you will be fine. And the strips have nothing to do with where the stud is. :)

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After living in my Fleetwood double wide for about 5 years I heard a terrible crash one day and found the stupid wire type closet rod and shelf had collapsed. I started tapping to find studs and didn't hear any change in sound. I was able to peek behind the flimsy drywall and realized the only studs were the wood used to construct the closet corners! This is the master bedroom closet and one would assume two people's clothes could be hung there. I live alone and the closet has lost considerable space to the water treatment equipment. I certainly didn't place an undue weight on the walls. I have had numerous fights with Fleetwood in the past and didn't even bother to complain about this fiasco. This is my retirement home and I expected that having everything new would mean I would have very few problems in my old age if I kept in mind that this isn't a stick built home. Not true!

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