Site Prep and Finish Questions/Budgeting

teresamacalmonSeptember 8, 2007

These are very newbie questions, so please bear with me. We are looking at putting a modular on some rural land. Budget is a definite consideration, as my husband is soon to retire from non-profit work (i.e., not rolling in the dough pension-wise). I have an estimate, and am getting more, on the site prep including the basement, well,& septic. What I don't know is what kind of ballpark numbers to budget for the finishing of the house in terms of HVAC, plumbing, etc. I know the HVAC unit(s) will need to be purchased and installed, hooked up the ducting already installed in the house itself -- don't know what the costs for that installation would be, in addition to the cost for the furnace and AC themselves. ALso, plumbing will have to be connected from the house to the site itself in the basement -- again, what to budget? I'm just looking for ballpark numbers, here, if someone has any insight or experience on this. I know that we'll have to get estimates, etc., before we get much more involved, but am trying to build a working budget to figure out if things are "do-able." We're located in Missouri, between Columbia and St. Louis, if that helps.

Thanks, all.

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I recently went through this process here in California on my quad-wide manufactured home. The costs below will give you an idea based on what I paid:

Site preparation ran me about $7000
HVAC - Furnaces came with the home
A/C Units - $4500, including installation
Plumbing, Propane, and Water hookups to the house only - $1500 (Trenching for water and propane (gas) and installation of pipes is extra)
Septic Tank - Totally installed and hooked up to house - $3500
Electric from pole - underground - (450 feet away) - $17,000
Telephone - (450 feet away from house) $400 (used the water trench)

Finish Grading - $3000

School Taxes and Building Permit - $7000

Hope this helps

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I had a house done last year. The total cost of my plumbing/heating/AC was 13500 for a 2600sf house. This included AC, heater, and duct connection in the basement and second floor. The plumbing included all inhouse finish.

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