Replacing vinyl shower enclosure/pan unit with tile?

bookertSeptember 30, 2008

Wondering if anyone has upgraded their shower shell unit to tile?

Pros and cons?

Is this a DIY project to take old shell out?

Is there any other option besides tile?

Please share your knowledge.


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I don't know if we had the same thing you do in your house or not, ours was fiberglass, all one piece. We decided to take ours out & use that space for a linen closet... Made tub into combo unit. Anyway, after my DH got the shower stall loose from the walls (it was just screwed in), it wouldn't fit out the door! He had to cut it in 1/2 to get it outside... The MH had pretty much been built around the shower! Very amusing, but a lot of work. Make sure you measure if you're removing.


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Depends on how handy you are. We had a contractor take out our acrylic tub and surround - he just took it apart with a chainsaw and prybar, no biggie.

We replaced it with a custom slab wall and showerpan of cultured granite. Similar to cultured marble, but with more particulate in the mix so it resembles a slightly-glossier version of Corian.

My DH hates tile and the grout lines. The cultured granite is non-porous and a breeze to clean. The showerpan is heavy and solid (it took three men to get it inside). Out there labor costs are horrendous so tile would actually have been the same price or even more.

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We opted for a much larger shower and deleted the tub so ours is just one big unit.
Would weight be an issue since the fiberglass surrounds are so flimsy and light?
Can I ask what the cost was?
I don't like grout either, and this may be a better option!

mc hudd,
Yes, the making of a manufactured home is very different. Notice how the cabinets are put on after the flooring! =)

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I don't think weight would be an issue but you can always ask the cultured marble vendor what the total weight would be for a completed unit. Don't forget the glass enclosure also adds a lot of weight, too, and will depend on the thickness of the glass used.

Our shower is a 38" neo-angle with two slab walls, edge molding and two storage units (one inset, one corner). Cost in 2003 was $1200 exclusive of glass enclosure.

If you decide to get an acrylic or fiberglass unit, just make sure the base is properly supported. These materials are brittle and crack easily in any unsupported spot. Also, be sure to use only mfg-approved cleaners. I ruined our acrylic tub by using a cleaner that damaged the gloss topcoat, and could never keep it clean looking afterwards.

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Thanks for the info., I have fiberglass but they are still difficult to clean on the bottom with the non slid surface.

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