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nanaclaireSeptember 1, 2011

I went to Lowes/Home Depot and was told that I could not buy the ready-made kitchen cabinets for a mobile home. I am only going to replace the base cabinets and try to match up them with the wall cabinets with paint ... we had a bad plumbing leak and the base cabinets are warped ...the counter top tilts to the middle. Anyway, any suggestions? I can't make the cabinets myself. I'm the wife of a disabled husband who can't do anything. I would really just like to buy ready-made cabinets.

Thanks for your help.

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Why wouldn't you be able to replace them with ready made???
As long as you can fit a sink unit and however many other cabs in your space there should be no problem. Each type of cabinet is a specific size and they vary depending on whether sink, corner, drawer or other. Just choose the cabinets you need that fits the space you have. Even if the number of cabs fall a little short of what you need, they make spacers to fill in the gaps. Measure your current cabinets individually (or the inside of each space from divider to divider if the outside framing is not clear) and select what you want that comes closest to matching those measurements. Just make sure you level them before screwing into the wall or floor. This is necessary for installing the counter top.

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Lowes told me it couldn't be done. But I kinda figured it could be. The present cabinets were handmade with cheap particle board. I will measure the sink area and the whole area to figure out what we need and buy them. Thanks. I actually will be moving the fridge to the other side of the room where there are cabinets so I have workspace next to my stove. And I would like to put a granite top on the cabinets next to the stove. The other counter area can be fake granite. I Want to put our microwave above but not sure how to do that. It's not an over-the-stove microwave ... so need a shelf that would be sturdy enough to put it on, maybe can create that with 2x4's or something. Anyway, my son will do the work. He also has to replace the flooring b/c the plumbing leak made that weak as well.

Thanks again.

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I have a friend who lives in an older double wide and she went to, and I believe it was Lowes, maybe Home Depot, and had them replace the whole kitchen, top and bottom cupboards and they installed them for her.... So, it can be done...I would think you'd probably have to watch with hanging top ones, making sure the walls were sturdy enough but base cabinets, no problem....Sounds like they didn't want the sale.....

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We have a 30 year old double-wide and have just about replaced everything in it. First the exterior doors, then the windows. Roof pitch was way too low for the heavy snows here so we had a roof put on with much steeper pitch, solved the edge leaking problems. We did have the roof done by a contractor. Plus put in cathedral ceiling after that. Then we drywalled to get rid of the ugly 70's paneling. Over the years we have added a deck and a closed in porch with a patio. We do all the work ourselves and do it as we get the cash for each project. Even the circuit box and wiring and wall sockets have been replaced. When we replace we put in regular house products not mobile home things. I think the only thing that is still orginal is the siding which is still in great shape. Oh, by the way, I measured and bought all my kitchen cabinets at Lowes, installed them myself and built my own ceramic counter tops. Just measure, and buy to fit.

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Great Advise deb_pa! We sold our stick built house and bought a mh in a 55+ community and are pleased with our investment. Before we moved in we had the master bath, main bath and kitchen redone, floor to ceiling. New cabinets, floors, tile, plumbing, paint, and assessories. We're touching up right now and looking forward to doing some other projects around the house and will do it ourselves as well. And like you, we do it when we have the money to pay for it. All the work and moving in took its toll however, as my misses had to visit the hosp for back surgery. So she is home enjoying her new digs! We live in the PNW. Where do you call home?

BTW, folks you can do anything you want in your MH. Anything! Remember, measure twice and cut once.
It'll look great!
Talk to you all soon. Psaltee

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Been there, done that and you can get them....pick them out and install them yourself, or get a good handyman to do it for you. Lowe's/HD also say you can't replace MH windows with double-hung ---I bought Pella DH from Lowe's and installed...piece of cake. There is nothing inside a MH or Modular that you cannot take out and replace with stock from the two major stores. I've heard that they don't want folks bringing them back, etc. - oh yeah, they always want to send an "Estimator" to your place..if it is stick=built, just plain no on mobiles. So far, I have replaced walls, floors, cabinets, showers...go for it yourself.

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