Rochester Homes Any owners?

puzzlefanSeptember 26, 2010

I looked up several modular builders on and Rochester Homes seems to be rated better than most. Is anyone has purchased from this company, I would appreciate some feedback on their customer service, pricing, quality, etc.

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IMO. a factory built home has to be better in most aspects than "stick built".
Much as the factory assembled automobile is better than a one-off custom automobile. But, here I am comparing fillet mignon to hamburger.
The homes foundation is extremely important, here the modular can only be equal, never better.
This is probably a world wide site, so to narrow things down to Rochester will take time.
Good luck.
A while back, on the PA television network(recommended and excellent) the building of modulars was shown. The stress is on quality, which is easier to achieve in a closed structure....But of course, the Taj Mahal nor the Empire State Building can ever be factory built.

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