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LLVVAugust 19, 2013

Hi! I've been using Lahey's no knead pizza dough with so-so results. I love the flavor of the dough and I love how the crust gets crispy. I can also get it to thin out and not bounce back like my regular dough does. What I don't love it working with this sticky mess.

I've been taking the dough and plopping it onto a baking sheet and then shaping and cooking it on the sheet. That makes it easier to work with but still...something seems off.

I've looked at videos of others making pizza with this recipe and their dough does not look like the sticky mess that mine is. It looks like regular pizza dough (smooth, easy to work with, etc.) The second time I worked with this dough I added a lot more flour into the dough while I was shaping it. That seemed to work out much better but it was still way too sticky. I have yet to cook it on my stone because I'm terrified of putting the dough on my peel. It's way too sticky to ever get off of the peel (at least in one pretty piece).

Does anyone who uses this dough have any advice? If you do use it, how much flour are you adding in after the rising process.

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Some things that may help....

1. I always "oil" my hands with coconut oil (vegetable oil would also work) when handling dough so I don't have to use any bench flour. I keep a small amount in a tiny bowl so I can reapply if necessary.

2. If oiling you hands doesn't help with handling, you may need to lightly flour your dough AND oil your hands.

3. There are also dough gloves available, but I've never had any experience using them, and I'm not sure if they would help handling the sticky dough.

4. You might have good results forming the dough on parchment paper and transfer the paper AND the dough to your baking stone.

5. You don't say what kind of flour you are using. The higher the protein level the more hydration it will absorb. So if the recipe calls for bread flour and you use all-purpose flour, you would need to reduce the amount of liquid or increase the amount of flour. As you already found out, if you don't like the dough hydration, you should feel free to alter the ratio of ingredients until it's something you like to work with.


Here is a link that might be useful: Dough gloves - Williams-Sonoma

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Spread out your dough on parchment paper sprayed with a baking spray if that helps. Then top your pizza and using a peel or the underneath flat area of a cookie sheet, transfer the pizza (paper and all) onto your preheated pizza stone.


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Check the slideshow in this link. You should be able to handle it easier than you are describing. As grainlady suggests, decrease the water just a bit. All flours are a bit different as is humidity in different areas. We have been baking almost daily with so many house guests and had to adjust after a failure. Two different brands of flour here and they both give different results. We use Jim's no knead methods also. The focaccia is very sticky but it does not need much handling as it just pours out into a parchment lined 1/2 sheet pan with lots of olive oil.
The pizza dough needs lots of flour on your work surface.
Met Jim 20yrs ago. We were his early testers. What a great neighbor to have!
So we have been using the no knead method for some time.

Here is a link that might be useful: no knead pizza dough

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