Exterior Makeover of rear yard

brnincalifSeptember 6, 2010

Here are some pictures of my rear yard makeover

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Wow...just wow! Very nice job! I like the rock path. And the fire pit. And the canopy...and everything! LOL

May I ask what your budget was? And how long it took?

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That's gorgeous!

I hope you are planting a tree in that circle in the middle of the yard! Every backyard needs at least one big shade tree!

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it took about 2 weeks, but part of that was waiting for our generous helpers with the tractor and dump truck to be available. It cost just under $400 did all the work ourselves. I got the canopy for the deck at bedbathbeyond for just under $100 (memorial day sale) and everything else picked up as it was on sale. Krycek1984, there is a line of trees at the edge of the back yard about 10 feet befind the fire pit and a huge tree off to the left about 10 to 15 feet.A lot of work but it was all worth it!

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Oh my goodness!!! How cute is that!?!!!! It's beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us. Did you paint it blue or was the first photo not quite showing the blue color? I love the white trim! Did you switch out the windows or change out the inserts that make the panes or ??

It's lovely!!!

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Put in two new windows in the back and a new patio door.
The siding is grey vinyl and it needs to be replaced also.
It is original from 1990 it's on the to-do list. Thank you
for all the wonderful comments!

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