Help! HUD # / Year of mobile home/title question

gatorgal_2007September 13, 2007

Hi - I'm currently looking into purchasing an older model double wide mobile home - however, the current owner cannot locate the "title".

To further complicate issues -

he has never lived in it -

he purchased it from a woman - who never lived in it -

and she purchased it from someone else and had it moved to Florida. So I have no idea who the title is registered to.

I told the current owner that I won't purchase this mobile home without a title - he's trying to locate the woman who sold it to him to obtain the title.

My question is - I have the HUD# from the two halves of the mobile home (it is a doublewide - ready to move - covered in plastic). I'm guessing it's probably an 80's model. How can I find out "at least" the year of the home with the HUD# - until he can obtain the true/actual title?

It's a fair price for the home and it's current condition.

Thanks in advance.

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One of the local movers will be able to locate the VIN numbers. Each of the units has it's own number. In NC, the DMV has the titles on record and with the VIN, can get the information. I do not know about your State.

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There should be a Data plate that the Manufacture puts in the home when it is built. It could be in a closet or behind a cabinet door. It is a little smaller then letter size paper and glued up. You have to have a Data plate in the home when it is installed on the property for the county to see in FL. It will tell you wind zones and who built the home. A lot of people think you do not have to have this so they take it down or they have replaced the cabinets so it is no longer there. If this is the case the serial number of the home should be on the frame, hitch end. You could remove skirting and look there if possible. If the home is in Florida you can call the DMV and give them the serial number of the home and they can tell you about the title, if there is a lien holder, etc. Also sometimes the title company, when you purchase a home on land, retires the title. You can find out if this happened by looking at the deed the home is placed on and it will say together with 19 XX mobile home. If that is the case you would have to un retire the title.

Hope this helps

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