How to cover your wood paneling

nefertitisSeptember 15, 2010

We have a 1978 Wicks Mobile home and even though our paneling is light it is still paneling. We wanted to cover it without having to fill in the grooves and yet painting them would require that for the grooves not to show. I found a textured wallpaper that worked perfectly and yet had more the look of a wall.The grooves in our paneling are not very deep and we did lightly sand any bad bumps (like where there were picture holes)but other than that because our paneling didn't have a high sheen we just put up the prepasted wallpaper and it looks beautiful!!! We got it at Lowes and it is called Style Selections Corsica Pattern. It was reasonably priced and had enough texture that we were pretty sure it would work. There are other patterns but I can't vouch for them. The good thing is they had little sample pieces of wallpaper you could tear off and take home and apply to your wall to test it, so if you don't care for the pattern we picked there are others you can try. I don't have a digital camera to post pictures but as soon as I can I will try to borrow one and post the pictures. We love the look and we wanted to share the info with others who didn't want to go to the hassle of filling in each groove of your paneling yet wanted to get rid of that paneled wall look. I hope this info helps!

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Hope you keep us in mind...I can't wait to see the end product...

Thanks for sharing.............

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