strips on walls remove or not?

kimberly000September 1, 2011

I have a DW that has slight textured walls, I HATE those strips in the walls and would like to remove them but my question is what do I use to put that texture in where the stips are? I only want border and paint and is it worth it to mess with taking the strips down. I just think looks like a "mobile home" with those strips on. Do they serve a real purpose?

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I'm guessing you have a pretextured wallboard instead of textured drywall (sheetrock). If that's the case, it comes pretextured and can't be taped and floated. Hence the strips. Almost impossible to match. If you take the strips off you will have a seam where each sheet meets. You could probably retexture the whole wall which I would think would be the easiest way to do it. A lot of DIYers can do this so that's up to you. Or you could have it done.

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The strips you're bothered by are called batten strips, and they serve to cover the gaps between the wall boards and to allow for movement during moving the home or seasonal flexing. I've only lived in one mobile home and haven't been in many, so I don't know how much range there is in the wall material, but many have successfully taped & mudded the seams to have "real" looking walls. I believe it's most successful if your home doesn't have much movement. I'm attaching a link to an older thread that has spanned 5 years. It has some pictures of other people's homes and some pertinent discussion on wall options (though some of the comments & advice are better than others, as with most stuff online, so read with discernment).

This drove me crazy, too, when I moved into our home, and after searching online, I found quite a bit of information on old GardenWeb discussions and on a low-traffic mobile home forum. My walls are vinyl-covered sheetrock. After doing my research, I tried removing the battens in a closet and doing a tape/mud job on the joint...which convinced me to call a contractor. Many can do it as a DIY project, but I knew I wouldn't be happy with my own learning curve. So, I called a couple contractors to see my options. The first was afraid that taping & texturing the walls would all slide off the textured "wallpaper"; he wanted to cover our walls with new sheetrock. The 2nd had previous experience in mudding & texturing mobile home walls. He looked at the corner where I had removed the battens to confirm that our walls were vinyl covered sheetrock and had no problem taping & mudding the seams and spray texturing. We also put up new trim around the ceiling (baseboards are waiting for new flooring) and painted the cabinets. The result? Our home doesn't *feel* like a mobile home anymore.

I'm not sure if your walls have the slight texture of the vinyl "wallpaper" or if you have a different type of wall, but I'd try talking to contractors and see what they can tell you. If you can do it, it's worth it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Painting on vinyl walls

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