Choosing new flooring- seeking advice

josie13September 7, 2011

Hi everyone! We recently purchased a 1988 poloron 2 bedroom 14x70, it was a steal and its in great condition. However it has never been remodeled and the decor is awful, the floors are this horrifically ugly carpeting (bedrooms&main area)/tiles (kitchen/bathroom). Our circumstance is we (Fiance and I) are in our early/mid 20s, this is our starter home while im in college and we have only one income. We don't want to spend a ton of money, but we don't want to waste money on crap flooring.

I am seeking advice on these two flooring options- We do plan on moving the trailer for a 2nd time at some point in the future- I DO NOT want to install a flooring that will be destroyed by the trailer being moved.

I am considering flooring options right now, and have been researching laminate wood. I am ok with the look, I've seen pictures where it looks great in a trailer- BUT I am not happy with what i've read as far as durability goes. I want a flooring that can withstand some wear and tear (if we decide to get a dog for example, or forget to take our shoes off, or move furniture, or drop something...). I wondering if others can share there laminate floor experience with me- I can't really spend more then 1.50 per sq ft on laminate flooring sadly.

The 2nd option porcelain/ceramic flooring- I have no idea if this is a smart option for a trailer? I tried doing some research, but I thought I'd ask about this. Idk if this flooring will affect our option of moving the trailer to another property in the future, as this will be an issue. I can get porcelain tiles, the cheaper colors, for about 1.30 per sq ft which is a ok price for us. From what I understand, these tiles are more durable, and that is what im interested in.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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heck this out:

I'm hearing great reviews from MH owners. One that has had it down for five years with a new puppy, high heals, cleaning, etc.

It's what I'm going to use through out my DW.

Sold only through Home Depot. Many different 'looks' to it. It will flex with the moving of your home in the future.

Welcome, & good luck.

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We picked up a "freebie" doublewide in FL a couple years ago - all the floors have been redone....removed the press-wood and installed three-quarter inch plywood. We opted for laminate - think it was the smartest move we made!! It was easy to install, not very costly (from HD) and we made sure to pick up two extra packs, for the accident we hope never comes. We have animals and it is proving very durable and easy to maintain. We also replaced the insulation and vapor barrier underneath. We were in our late 60's, but a room at a time and it was a done deal. You can check out how it is done by others on YouTube or thru a Google Search. I am of the opinion that patience is the key.....go for it and good luck.

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