What is going on with my floor?

clueless1959September 16, 2011

In the past few days I've noticed a place in my flooring bowing up it's up about an inch in just a few days.

It is along the center wall of a double wide. The floor is carpeted... the top surface of carpet seems a bit damp but not on down into the carpet or the pad that we can feel just by feeling around. Nothing wet has been put there since we moved here last year.

The spot is between the 2 bathrooms in the house but not close to either of them. Possible water leak under home? If so wouldn't the carpet be wet all the way thru?

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It could be a small leak in the piping under the floor causing the floor decking to buckle. It could be so small that no dripping is occurring under the floor. Find the problem now. Mobile home floor decking is quickly ruined by water.

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We have found that the water seems to be comming from master shower or something related to it. Floor has gotten much worse in just the last 2 days even a hole now.

My man has a repair person to call on Monday hopefully we can get the issue resolved fairly easily without having to spend an arm an a leg....whatever the costs we want it done right.

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You will probably have to remove the carpet, from the info you provide, the flooring is shot....been there, done that and remember it oh so well!! If there is a leak, you will be able to repair/replace at that time. We picked up a "free" doublewide in FL - it needed new flooring. It is a bear getting the old stuff up, mostly because of the long legged staples they put the original in with. I used three-quarter plywood in replacement. We did a room at a time until we finished. I had to re-insulate and apply a new barrier underneath. It is definitely labor intensive, probably not bad if your a younger person, but at 68 it was terrible. Good luck and keep us posted.

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