Couple of questions about Modular Homes

johntomatoSeptember 24, 2007

Hi, I am thinking of buying a modular home within 1-2 yrs. I don't know much about them and I was wondering what the average price per square foot is. Also, approx. what does it cost to set up with a septic tank, foundation, well, ect... I am planing on having it near Humboldt County California. I was also needing to purchase land and I was wondering what size lot is needed to build a 1300-1700sq foot modular house. I know there are a lot of variables that could change the price, but I was wondering if anyone could give me an average estimate.


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First, only someone in your area can tell you about the prices for land, well, septic, foundation, etc as these vary from area to area.
And the cost per square foot varies too. But figure that a modular will cost JUST AS MUCH as a site built house. The land, well, septic, lot clearing, permits, etc are exactly the same in both cases.
Simple plans will be less per sq ft and more elaborate homes will cost more. There's no rule of thumb.

The BIGGEST advantage of modular is TIME. You can be in a modular in as little as 90 days from the time you place the order, whereas a site built home can take 9 months or more to build.

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Nobody could even come close to giving you a foundation estimate until you buy the actual land. One reason that land is relatively cheap in rural CA is that it can be difficult and very expensive to build out there.

For one thing, you'll need PG&E on your lot. If it doesn't have access to the power grid, it can cost you anywhere from $10-50K to bring in the lines. Happened to a friend of mine, she bought 5 acres up near Redding but found she couldn't afford to bring in power because she's the only person on that road. If you have the money you can go solar for the house, but you'll still need a good-sized generator for the tools to build.

Once you buy the lot, the county will tell you how big the septic needs to be for the size of your proposed home, and where you can build (they often have restrictions about where you can place your home). Make friends with the folks in the county offices because you'll need their help.

The time savings in modular is important. You can't build during the winter, and anything valuable shouldn't be left unattended or it WILL get stolen, even from locked storage buildings.

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I too have been checking into buying a modular home verses building a house. I have been looking at the discovery homes, part of palm harbor homes. Prices per sq foot run about $70-100 a sq ft. I live in South arkansas and I can build a house for around $75-85 a sq foot. So we would probably build over buying a modular.

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Get everything in writing....I just had to install a furnace, some ductwork (some,but not all parts were furnished by the builder) , no gas line had been ran to any appliances, and water lines had to be attached by subcontractors. Nice quality home, but the couples dream house cost them a lot more than the salesman promised. (He was no longer with the company when they had questions)

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