Here are some of my remodeling pics...

mc_huddSeptember 26, 2008

Hi all! I'm sure some of you may remember my questions I've posted on here about the SW my DH & I purchased last year.

Well, we were only about a year off schedule, but finally in June we got moved... YAY! So far, I love my house! I'm finally starting to get things exactly how I want them & this SW fits us great.

Anyway, I did several things to the inside & wanted to show everyone what progress I made. Here goes:

Here's the kitchen before:

And the kitchen now:

I love my kitchen, I think it looks a lot warmer now. I would still like to change out that horrible chandelier, but haven't gotten around to it, maybe get a new range hood someday too, but there are more important things I want to get done now.

OK, here's the Living room before:

And, the LR after:

I also love my LR. I painted the walls in both the kitchen & LR the same color, but they look different in these pics... Guess it's just the way the light is hitting them.

Here is the Laundry room before:

And the Laundry room after:

This laundry room is much smaller than I had in our last house, but I've got it just like I want it now. I had to make my laundry sorting bags hang on the wall for more floor space, here's that pic:

Well, that's all I have for you tonight, I'll post more later. Any comments are welcome.


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Hey mc_hudd, love what you did to your kitchen cabinets. Did you use a glaze over them? Did you strip the wallpaper off before painting? What about where you put up tile, you must have to take the vinyl wallpaper down????

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Cleoa~ I'm so glad you asked about the cabinets... Don't they look 100% better?! Well, I guess I'll let you in on my secret... I cleaned them! Seriously, that's 90% of what I did. These cabinets had so much grease & grime built up on them it was ridiculous! It's a 1985 model & I wonder if those poor things had ever been cleaned!

I bought some Minwax cabinet cleaner & cleaned them well w/ that, then, I had some Pledge orange oil furniture polish & wiped them down really good w/ that... That's it. I've done this twice now, once when we first moved the trailer to it's new location & once right after we moved in. I also took the hardware off & cleaned it really well w/ Brasso (you can really see the difference in the pics). Just goes to show what a good cleaning & a little care can do for some things.

No, I didn't strip the wallpaper off. As someone mentioned on this forum, that stuff isn't meant to come off. Someone had put blue contact paper over the original wall board & I took it off, but not the original wallpaper.

As for the "tile", I'm really glad you asked about that too, I didn't think anyone would notice. That's not tile. It's actually paneling. I think it's called Marlite (sp?), it's made for bathrooms I believe. My Dad told me it is also impossible to get to burn... Which is good for behind the stove.

Anyway, I wanted to put up a back splash b/c I wasn't sure how the painted walls would stand up to cleaning often, so I heard of this idea for a cheap back splash, on this site I believe, and tried it & I love it, I think it looks great. It took one piece of 4x8 paneling ($16) and some trim (approx. $10) and it was done, talk about a cheap back splash! :) So to answer your question, no, I didn't take the wallpaper off here either.

Thanks so much for looking @ my pics. I'm really proud of what we've accomplished here & I enjoy showing it off.


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mc hud, I really enjoyed your pictures. We were going to sell our 1995 sw cavalier next year and build, but have decided to stay in it a little longer(the economy is really scarin me!!). Anyway, I have already painted all the rooms in my house and we have new carpet in the lr and new tile in the masterbath. And since we have decided to live here a little longer, I will be putting down a new floor in the kitchen and in the bedrooms.

What kind of flooring did you use in the kitchen?

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Christi~ Thanks for looking @ my pics! I don't blame you, I think everyone's kind of unsure of the economy right now. Isn't it amazing how quickly you can fix up a MH? As you can see, we have made a huge difference in appearance & didn't really spend that much. There are still some things I want to get done, but they're not top on my priority list right now, so they'll wait a bit longer.

The flooring in the kitchen is actually vinyl flooring called Flexitec, you can look it up on the internet. It's really thick. We got the mid-priced selection, but the more expensive you get, the thicker it is & vice versa... I would assume it's got some insulating value to it, although the company doesn't say this. I really like it & it's got a good warranty. I really wanted something different, but didn't want the job of real tile & I'm happy w/ what I chose.

Again, thanks for looking & good luck w/ your remodeling.


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I love the look of your vinyl floor in the kitchen. I like tile's look, but it tends to get slippery when it's wet. It is also hard; which in my house means more broken dishes. At least my vinyl gives them a chance:)I will have to check this stuff out. My floor is getting to the point where it will need replaced soon. Now to decide what to use.

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Ya did a really good job ") Are your kitchen cabinets real wood or the pressed wood that has the grain painted on? We have a DW & our cabinets are the fake wood with the painted on grain & I am afraid to use much elbow grease, or a very strong soap to clean with, I don't want to rub off the grain, just wondering what yours is? OH, a new range hood for ours was really high $ so I had some Mean Green (from the $ General) that I washed it down with (that stuff even takes off paint & grease) the washed it with Dawn dish soapy water then used vinger water to get rid of all the soap resadue, then I used a sponge brush & some white OIL based gloss paint that I got at Walmart in a pint size for about 3 bucks. That has been about 4 years ago & it has worked very well.
jan ")

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Summer~ I would definitely look into Flexitec if I were you (it may be spelled Flexitech...?), I love it. You also have a choice between textured or slick, mine is textured.

Lilly~ The doors are real wood, I found the pamphlet for this MH in a drawer after we bought it & it lists them as being chestnut... Not sure though, the prev. owner said they were oak, so I don't know. The actual cabinets feel like paneling on the front, I would assume they're the pressed wood you're referring to. I wish they matched better, but I can't think of anyway to accomplish that. I thought about finding some veneer (I think that's what it's called) that matched the doors, & putting on the front of the cabinets & putting the doors back on over that, but haven't looked into it yet.

I cleaned my range hood very well, but it still has some stains. I had thought about trying to paint it, but haven't had the guts to try. Thanks for you tips though, doesn't sound too difficult. Was your's also metal looking? What is that? Aluminum? Could you post a pic of it?

Thanks to all for looking!

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I am seriously considering the Flexitec. It will now have to wait though. Due to an unexpected mishap, we have to replace the master bedroom carpet sooner than planned. (water leak) While I'm picking out new bedroom carpet, I'll check out the Flexitec. Googled it, and it looks great.

An idea for your cabinets: You could paint the actual cabinets (perhaps a contrasting color: cream or white?)and leave the doors wood. They would look planned and you won't have to worry about matching. (I think it might be difficult to find any veneer to match.)

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Hi Mc_Hudd, One thing I forgot to tell ya was , before I painted it white I taped everything around it off with newspaper & gave it a coat of gray primmer ( the dollar kind of spray paint from Walmart) just be sure that every thing is cover well with newspaper because of the over spray & have the doors & windows open. I also done a faux finish on the kitchen walls to look like brick with ivy growing on them. I'll try to post a pic in the next week or so. I'm still kinda slow at my computer skills.
lilly ")

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mc hudd - I've really enjoyed looking at the pics of your new home fixed up - even tho it's many months later now. I just found this forum.
I'm getting a 'new' (used)mfg home - DW. It will need a bit of fixing also. new floors, new kitchen cabinets (if not before moving in, then next yr along with new countertops), new appliances - including range hood! (lucky me there, I know), repainted - and of course, CLEANED.
i'm going to check out that kitchen flooring and the backsplash stuff. I've been wondering what to do about the backsplash - didn't want to do real tile. I was thinking to do that but only behind the stove and just paint the rest of it.
how about more pics if you've done more...

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Desert~ Thanks so much for your compliments! I haven't gotten much more done. The winter kind of took it's toll on me, so glad Spring is here, just wish Mother Nature knew it... LOL. Oh well, at least warmer weather is just around the corner.

I really like my back splash. I think it adds something, but didn't cost a lot. I also like my flooring except for the fact that it's textured (kind of rough feeling). I got this b/c I have dogs & wanted something that they wouldn't be slipping & sliding on, but it really holds dirt down in those little grooves! I would recommend getting the smooth finish, that's what I would do if I could do it over. Like I said, I do like it a lot, but it's more work. Every month or so I have to get down on my hands & knees & scrub it w/ a brush... Needless to say, this isn't my favorite thing!

If & when I get more stuff done I'll post some pics.


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I like that you got rid of all that busy patterned wall treatments..much less busy..nice job

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Thanks ronbre! I couldn't stand that patterned wallpaper either. I think it made a huge difference in all of the rooms I painted.

Now I'm thinking about continuing the cream color down the hallway (living room pic). I think I'll just fill in the grooves of the paneling on the top & paint, but leave the bottom as is. Then, buy some trim to match what we've got (if I can find it) and do a faux wainscoting to match the living room. It wouldn't be a huge project & I think it would really lighten up the hallway & maybe even make it look bigger. Any suggestions?

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Hi. I was wondering, now that you have had the kitchen flooring for several years, how has it held up?

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Amhdav, it actually hasn't held up as well as it should've, judging by how much it cost. I have a St. Bernard, & 2 other dogs, & their nails have made holes & indentions in the floor. Nothing huge, but kind of a big deal for something that is advertised to be so tough. Honestly, if it's still as expensive as it was, I probably wouldn't buy it again. HTH!

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