Uneven floor

kjakabAugust 10, 2007

So glad I found your site, it's been great at answering some painting questions.

I have recently noticed that the floor in my living room where the seam runs through the middle is uneven. My carpet is getting worn in that area. It is only in the living room, so I don't think it's that both side of my DW were put together uneven since we've lived in it now for 7 years. What should I do to fix this? I want to pull up the carpet and put down wood laminate, but can't do that with uneven floors.

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HMM...I have a 16 by 80 single 12 years. I'm wondering how uneven your floor is. I suspect that the home has settled a bit and caused your problem. If it hasnt gotten worse it may have finished settling.
Anyway if it isn't very uneven, say 1/4" then you could put down sheets of LUAN first making sure the sheets are centered over the seam. This would make a continuous smooth surface for the Laminate. The slight rise would be negligable. If you purchased it new you may be due a second leveling from the home seller/ installer. when I bought mine new I had 2 re-levelings due. We used those by the 4th year and it has sdtopped settling after that.
If the difference is real bad you could install plywood of 3/4 thick then the laminate. Either way I'd put something down first. I've been remodeling mine the past 3 months because we plan to sell it. The worst part is that nothing from Lowes, HD, etc fits a M.H. Like water pipes so we have to go back to the MH dealer.

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Unfourtunalty the company we bought ours from closed within 2 1/2 years of us buying ours. I've never heard of getting relevelings done. They never said anything about that to us. I hope it doesn't cause any real structural damage.

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