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fred1945August 30, 2013

i have owned a 1976 northlander 60ftx12ft home here in toronto canada for 6 years now. replaced all my windows and rebuilt my bathroom 4 years ago, best investement i made. cut my heating bills by one tank of oil per season. and any body that knows canada we get pretty cool in our problem is heating , most of my heat goes out through the walls(only 2x3 studs with little insulation)and the roof. does any body know a way i can save more heat without a large output of money(now retired) any sugestion will be concidered.

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I can't think of anything that doesn't require a sizable cash outlay.

Putting a steel or aluminum roof, pitched for your snow load, on top of your existing roof would probably be the single best thing you could do, especially is you use 2x12s as the trusses so you can get some R 30 or so between the trusses. Again, not a cheap option.

You can do the same with your walls. Add studs on the outside, insulate, and put on siding.

Other than that, be sure you have evergreen trees planted to block the wind in the winter - where I live it would be the north and west sides of the house. Not too close, but close enough to protect your home.

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thanks for the info, the roof was completly reroofed when i took owner ship, part of the deal(garanteed 15 years).i have aluminum siding and realy dont want to give it up, its in great shape.i guess i could remove one wall at a time and put new insulation(maybe spray foam)and then drywall. will have to work out cost and go from there,wife wont like it maybe send her on holiday for each wall.i will let everyone know what i decide and how it is progressing

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Thanks, Fred, I will be interested in what you do and how effective it is. I am in southern lower Michigan, so the lakes shelter us from the cold you get.

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