water damage

nicolex86August 28, 2009

My heatpump leaked and now I have water damage in my kitchen. The subfloor is going to need replacing. The problem is that part of the subfloor is underneath my kitchen cabinets. I can't imagine how we're going to get those cabinets out without tearing them all to pieces. My home is a 10 year-old Palm Harbor. Some of the drywall (at the bottom, where it meets the floor) is wet too.

I've never filed an home insurance claim, but I'm worried about my cabinets. What if I can't find cabinets to match my existing cabinets? I can't imagine the ins. co. paying for cabinets for my entire kitchen (though it would be nice). Anyone ever been in this predicament, and if so, do you have any useful advice?

Also, I read on another forum that the insurance company will give the MORTGAGE company the money for the insurance repairs, and that the mortgage co. will in turn give the money to us. If this is true, it's stupid!

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I'm not familiar with Palm Harbor but can't imagine that they would still be using particle board 10 years ago. If the sub-floor is plywood you might be able to save it by getting it dried out as quickly as possible. As for the cabinets (again I'm not familiar with PH) My friend bought a Solitaire in 1993 and after delivery noticed that the cabinets were not installed correctly. They sent someone out and they detached the cabinets from the wall. They discovered a floor fastener sticking up slightly away from the wall on one end. The cabinet was sitting on top and caused them to be higher on the opposite end. So, maybe they can remove your cabinets and reinstall them. You'll never know until you look at how they are installed. When the insurance appraiser comes out point this out to him.

As to the insurance check. They typically make the check out to both of you. My friend had to send hers to the mortgage company, they endorsed it and sent it back. There was no problem. It just takes a few days depending on how you send it. I would send it overnight with return overnight envelope included. She also called the mortgage company to inform them that it was coming and verified that this was the proper way to handle it.

Hope this helps.

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let your insurance co worry about it..there are manufac home places that probably well the right stuff for them to match

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