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leyann07August 13, 2007

Hi everyone,

I've been browsing this forum and have seen tons of great advice, thank you!

We are looking to build a modular w/in about 2 years and are looking at companies. We have found a few (New Age, Mod-U-Kraft) that we aren't thrilled with. We really like the Ritz-Craft product, it looks upscale compared to the others.

Does anyone have any other companies? We are in the Richmond, VA area and I'm not finding many companies here (maybe its just my lack of computer expertise).

Thanks for any suggestions and help!

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Nationwide in Martinsville had the reputation of being the best in the area. They were acquired a couple of years ago by Palm Harbor. Palm Harbor was big in mobile homes. Many of the same plans and drawings are still on the Nationwide website. What changes, if any, in construction resulted from the new ownership I do not know. Prices have increased, but so have most other things.

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Yesterday while driving I observed a three-unit Mod-U-Kraf house being moved to a site near here. First time I have actually seen that brand. The builder name on the sign at the lot is also an unknown, no such listing in the phone book. I plan to stop and look closer soon. What do you dislike about the Mod-U-Kraf houses? Anything about them that was favorably impressive? Incidentally, Nationwide Homes conducted a tour of their plant for me as arranged by one of the dealers. And I was present at the setting of three different Nationwide homes locally. Video taped the process and reviewed it several times. I suggest that for any manufacturer that you are considering.

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Thanks for your replies.

I will be looking into Nationwide more, thanks!

We loved the mod-u-kraf houses until we saw the ritz-craft. The ritz craft just seems more upscale and better put together but since we are just starting to look.. we don't know much. Honestly, I think what we liked about Ritz-Craft was that we could see the inside of some models and the stuff inside was nicer. We fell in love with the "sanford" model - now of course I know most of the stuff in the pictures is upgrades so they might not be much different. I believe, if I remember correctly, the Mod-U-Craf wasn't as expensive. We priced the two largest homes 2 story homes and the 2nd largest was cheaper then the 2588 sf Sanford. I wish the companies (other then ritzcraft) had better interior pics.

I'll look into Nationwide and get their list of standards and Mod-U-Krafts since I have Ritz-Crafts list.

We were referred to a local custom builder also whose portfolio is amazing. While I would rather go with modular, we were told we have to "keep it in the box" so I can't have a "walkout bay" off the master bedroom to the right in the Sanford Ritz-Craft for example. I would love to have a stone fireplace (we have one now) with the stone up to the ceiling but the modular builders scoffed at that idea.

I'm so overwhelmed! Thanks so much for your help and advice.

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Bus driver, I forgot to ask, how did you find Nationwide Homes plant tour and the setting of their homes?

Thanks again!

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