Electrolux New Line Washers/Dryers on HOLD until end of 2014

georgectDecember 29, 2013

I just wanted to share this with any one who was interested in Electrolux & Frigidaire washer and dryer lines.

We were supposed to be introduced to a new washer and dryer line up in spring of 2013 then it got pushed to the end of 2013. December is here and gone and no new washers/dryers.

So I emailed Chris Polk and got a response from Jennifer of Frigidaire's Social Care Team.
Here's the letter...

Good Morning George,

Thank you for staying in touch with Chris and us directly. Chris has transferred to a new division but you have reached the new social care team. We did research your request and at this time, what we believe Chris was speaking to you about, our laundry appliances were put on a brief hold from launching. We are actually looking to relaunch our laundry appliances for both Electrolux and Frigidaire brands by the end of 2014. The reason for this hold is we have redesigned and launched an entire line of new cooking products.

We have your information on file and will contact you when we receive any new updates for laundry products. Please make note of our new email address if you ever have other questions.


Frigidaire Social Care Team
Monday - Saturday
8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. (EST)
Personal/Direct Fax: 1(706)447-6287

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WOW!!! Yes, they were originally supposed to launch one year ago, and now they delay them another year. Sounds fishy to me!!!

While I love my Miele W4842 washer and T9802 Electric Dryer....there are several features I would like to have, and since Miele no longer makes full size washers...I figured Electrolux would fit the bill. Odd!!

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Probably trying to find an even lower wage country than Mexico to build them in.

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Good for them! Maybe they found a quality issue and instead of just shipping defective product like a few brands would have to make their bottom line shine, are instead fixing it before release to insure a good customer experience.

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I agree with LaundryVet. Nothing fishy about wanting to be sure something's ready for release before letting it fly. It sounds to me that they launched a new cooking line, and didn't want to it to overshadow the launch of the new laundry line.

It's not uncommon to hear that something new is coming soon....and continue to hear about it for a year or two before it actually materializes. ;-) I've been happy with my 'lux pair, but I'll be interested in seeing what new things they're coming out with.


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Or that the redesign has to do with the new UL rules that I've read about.

Cannot have dryers that use an exhaust tube(?) as they can start fires (or perhaps a more stricter testing of such). Need to have the washer remove more water so that the new type dryers can dry the material(!).

Did read that the current type dryers are no longer being made since they don't comply with the new "safety" standards.

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One day the safety standard will be that you may not do your own laundry, must send them out to be environmentally cleansed by government inspected and approved facilities. You will be issued two shirts and two pairs of trousers each year and 3 new sets of undies every two years.

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Looking for a "LIKE" button for Fordtechs comment. :-)

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Thanks for the info!

I have been waiting for the new release.

I wonder if they will elinimate the push doors and the button on the dispenser tray.

If I want the add water feature, should I buy the current machines? Do you think this will be eliminated with new regulations?

If I bought a dryer in teh next few weeks, would it be to "old" standards?

Thank you!

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I found the claimed new UL requirements interesting & did a search. see:

for an article. Also saw a CPSC staff pdf proposal that also included the idea of lint sensors in/for the vent tubes as part of providing feedback to the consumer; would include some sort of alarm either visual or audible (wonder if that will apply to laundry facilities in either public or apt complexes.

See the fire containment for 7 hr unless the test fails in which case no UL approval.

But this is under the "voluntary standards" & a manufacturer can just not include that the dryer doesn't have UL approval to sell the dryers? The new UL 2158 standard did take effect on May, 2013.

Haven't check on any UL updates for washers....

My washer & dryer is stacked in a laundry closet & will have to get a brand/model where the current dryer can just sit on top of any new washer.

Dryers are going to be quite expensive!

Consumer groups are going to protect us even if they have to kill us to do it.

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I use an Electrolux vacuum and remember the name from when I was a child. So I made the mistake of buying an Electrolux refrigerator, built in Mexico. They had to replace it 3 times and the one I have still has defective rubbers on the doors. I'm just saying, you might want to try another brand than Electrolux.

I also own LG washer and dryer and I'll never make that mistake again either. They have both broken and aren't even 5 years old yet.

I recommend extended warranties on any appliance you buy today.

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Any updates with this new line? I need to purchase a W/D for a new home and am wondering if I should rent one until these new units come out.

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No new information yet.
Electrolux has new lines of appliances coming out and they don't want the laundry line clashing with the release of the cooking line.
As far as I know, the laundry line is still supposed to be released at the end of the year.

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Getting closer to the end of year. Anyone privy any details of the new machines and when the new line might be coming out?

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It doesn't look as if any big changes have been made

Here is a link that might be useful: New elux washer

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I don't think is a new unit - I have seen it popping up on Aj's website several times. It'll be interesting to see if the dryers will change to become more energy efficient.

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Is the new line going to include a heat pump dryer? Looks like LG just released one for the US market.

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greatgollymolly, I bought that same refrigerator. Elux fridges are cursed.

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Now that Electrolux has purchased general electric appliances for reportedly $3.3 billion (wouldn't you like to understand the FTC's thinking on why there is no antitrust problem?), management is probably trying to determine where the "synergies" and "economies of scale" lie, business doublespeak for which product lines are they going to dump and which are they going to pump. The number crunchers are probably working overtime to determine what the "real" margin is on each product. This activity would be in addition to any government directives on new more energy-efficient products. Since both companies had lots of projects in the pipeline's their employees are probably politely slugging it out for a position in the new product lineup in order to keep their jobs. Too bad that in all of this consumers are not actually asked what they want. Like a machine that uses enough water such that the laundry comes out of the washer clean, doesn't have the laundry tie itself into knots in the dryer, and doesn't take a full day to complete a single load...as well as machines that are built for the long-haul, relatively simple to maintain, with user accessible filters (the kind that actually pull pet fur out of the laundry and does not let it clog the drain). The odd thing about this is that the consumer has had the same wish list for about 30 to 40 years and the manufacturers have only been jumping through hoops to please government regulators that give them big tax and other breaks. The Maytag repair man was lonely and then he disappeared. In his place is a new generation of technicians many of whom know nothing. It would be particularly nice if the new company were to make use of all the social media available to it so that we could fix things without having to call upon incompetent help. It would be even better if we didn't have to fix things because they were made well enough in the first place.

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What you say will surely happen over time, but since the transaction hasn't even closed yet I doubt they are letting each other view proprietary information such as product designs, future plans and cost to build/margins. Both companies will probably release whatever is in the pipeline and the next generation products will likely be built off the same platforms.
One positive that may come of this would be Elux building their higher end products in the USA at GE factories. It would be nice to see them make GE and Elux laundry in the USA and make the lower end frigidaire in Mexico.

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Any info on this new line and the potential release date?

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According to the energystar.gov website which released new specifications in March 2014 "Any clothes washer manufactured as of March 7, 2015 must meet the Version 7.0 requirements to bear the ENERGY STAR mark." So the manufacturers can still be manufacturing to the old specifications for a while yet before they have to shift over to the new specifications and it's probably at least 30 days if not six months (depending upon inventory) after they make that shift that the new models will begin to appear in the stores. Some manufacturers will be ahead of the curve...
One of the new supposedly advantageous features is the optional interconnectedness: "ENERGY STAR washers with connected functionality will offer consumers new convenience and energy-savings features, such as an alert indicating there is a performance issue or feedback to consumers on the energy-efficiency of different wash cycle selections. These products will also be “smart grid” ready, meaning they will give consumers the option to connect their clothes washer with their lorcal utility to save money on their energy bills, where those services are offered, and also facilitate broader electric power system efficiency."
The use of the words "will offer consumers new convenience and energy saving features" has a very 1984-ish ring to it now that "smart" utility meters (which are not optional in most locations) allow the power company to ding you for using power during what your local power company considers prime time...there is nothing convenient or energy saving to the consumer about doing laundry every night now that one load takes three hours to accomplish from washer to dryer.
As I looked through the energystar.gov website, I was very troubled by the use of the word "stakeholders" on their website as it appears to me that the only stakeholders are the washing machine manufacturers themselves. I wrote to energystar and asked how it is that the consumer is not represented as a stakeholder. The answer was that environmental groups are representing the consumer (I guess I should not be surprised since energystar.gov is part of the EPA). But that is not a correct or reasonable assumption. When I pointed out that the consumer really just wants a decent wash and dry that does not take all day to accomplish one load (some people in fact are buying sets of washers and dryers in order to get the laundry done) and that the consumer wants the machines to run well and for a long time so that it costs consumer less, less material is used and less material goes to landfills....
Strangely if you go to the energy star.gov website it is filled with suggestions that you become a "partner" with them. People need to speak up. There are a lot of people who speak on this forum I sure hope they take the time to look at the energystar.gov website and begin to offer (demand) their input.

Here is a link that might be useful: Energystar new washing machines

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Hi Mike!

Good morning and thank you for contacting us directly with your future purchase inquiry. We are delighted to hear that you are considering purchasing Electrolux laundry products! We are launching new white and classic slate colored laundry centers (washer/dryer combination) in 2015that will have a 3.9 capacity in the washer and 5.5 cu. ft. in the dryer. These will be our most efficient laundry centers ever with a saving of 37% in annual usage costs. This new product will launch in February of 2015.

We are also launching a new line of 24” compact washers and dryers. The washer and dryer feature 2.4 Cu. Ft. capacities which is the largest capacity for like priced models. The washer will also be the only 24" front load laundry that provides the benefit of steam for more efficient stain removal. The dryer will have a 1400 RPM spin speed which removes more water in the washer and allows for more efficient drying. These models are currently ramping up production to meet the consumer demand.

In our larger capacity (27”) washers and dryers we are not launching new model numbers at this time. The models listed currently on our electroluxappliances.com website are current and have future production planned throughout this coming year.

Again, we thank you for the opportunity to speak with your today regarding our new exciting products. Please let me know should you have any additional questions.

Anna P.
Electrolux Social Care Team
North America
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. (EST)
Purchase genuine Electrolux water filters and more accessories at your Electrolux Store by visiting http://www.ElectroluxAppliances.com and click on "FILTERS & ACCESSORIES" at the top of your screen!

Don't forget to like us on Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/Electrolux and follow us on Twitter: http://Twitter.com/ElectroluxUS

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Excellent post Practigal!

I hope you posted this elsewhere on the forum besides this thread. I was debating on getting two sets of W/D because loads can take a long time.

This might be a good time to purchase a non-7.0 W/D.

malba2366, thank you for the update from Electrolux!

This post was edited by wildta on Mon, Nov 17, 14 at 21:49

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The new energystar rules seem to require that dryers have an 80 minute cycle. The new heat pump dryer technology takes about double the standard dryer cycle time. My understanding is that energystar.gov is leveling the playing field for heat pump dryers by doubling the time of a normal dry. The EPA is also adding interconnectedness so that the power company can charge you more for "peak" hours and turn your dryer off when it needs to. I really appreciate that malba2366 posted the information he received from Electrolux. What I wonder is when a manufacturer talks about efficiency and savings, is it truly a direct benefit to the consumer or is it a reduced carbon footprint for the US being born by the consumer due to the EPA/energystar rating?

I did not post any of this on any other forum as even though I feel it's important information these forums are informational and somewhat lighthearted and I don't want to destroy that. Although it is hard to feel anything other than downright hostility for an 80 minute dry cycle...Electrolux and other manufacturers objected to this longer cycle time, actually they objected to expanding it to 50 minutes stating that they did not believe sufficient research had been done on consumers' opinions. I am sure the manufacturers were just as excited about 80 minutes as we are. EPA overruled! Clearly overruled all of us.

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I read some of the comments on the EPA link you provided such as the 50 min dryer cycle time as well as the ability for your dryer to cycle off during non-peak times. If all of these changes get implemented, I am typically the type to always avoid version 1.0 to see what issues arise and get fixed in version 2.0. I thought I'd wait for the new electrolux but instead I might just jump the gun on an existing model before they run out!

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Hi wildta,
That was where my thinking was going too...but I hate to be a pessimist, jump the gun and find out that there was some other reason why waiting is actually better. I have no understanding of what the manufacturers will do with their currently successful (but not energy star compliant or no longer compliant) product lines. It seems likely that I will either end up buying the last year of a line that is being discontinued or the first year of a line that isn't ready for prime time. I really wish that the manufacturers had put out model info now, rather than after year end.Best of luck with your decision.

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So I'm biting and going with the 60 models.

It'd be nice to save some energy but not at the cost of efficiency. These current models are solid with great reviews. My dealer has a set of the 70s and 55s, she said she doesn't like the 70s because of the controls aren't as easy or simple to set. She recommended the 55 or 60 models--60 model has the pet bedding and some other features I liked at only $100 more. My dealer said the rebate might be bigger on the 60 model too so it might bring the cost down to the same as the 55 model.

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Good luck with this purchase!

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