ariel detergent?

gmc2006December 20, 2007

Can anyone tell me where online I can buy ariel detergent tabs or different versions of ariel? I can only find the regular version on the ariel at my local grocery store. Thanks In Advance!

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It's mostly a UK product



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Posted by BigTexMan (My Page) on Mon, Dec 12, 05 at 1:22

KitchenObsessed -
There is a HUGE difference between Mexican Ariel and UK Ariel. There is also a US version of the Ariel, and is by far the underperformer of the bunch.

UK Ariel contains oxygen bleach, OBA (Optical Brighteners) and enzymes. The UK Ariel is a white powder with small bule "balls" for lack of a better word. These are lower-sudsing as they are designed for front-loaders, and do a great job.

Mexican Ariel does not contain oxygen-bleach, but it DOES contain phosphates, which makes it very popular with many members here. Mexican Ariel is like a light blue (maybe more of a turqouise-color) and has blue "balls" as well. Mexican Ariel (like most other Mexican laundry and cleaning products) is highly scented, and can be a bit overpowering, especilly when using large amounts in a TL.

The US version comes in a box, and looks more like Tide with Bleach. It does not contain phoshpates, which by P&G standards appartently makes it "legal" to sell in the US. There is a "note" on the box of US Ariel that says it is not for sale outside of the Continental US. Apparently P&G does not want those outside of the US to confuse P&G's detergents with something that ACTUALLY CLEANS properly. P&G also has clearly marked on the package of Mexican Ariel, however, that it is not INTENDED for sale inside the Continents US.

If you woud like any more information, pleae let me know.


some Ariel powder on ebay:

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Thank you so much! The Mexican Ariel powder is what I have been able to get here in the US at a local grocery store. I have been getting it there for about 2 years now, thanks to you all on this board which is where I heard about it first. I really love it & it cleans so well in my new front loader & my old top loader I had also. I just wanted to try out some different formulations because I love to buy laundry/cleaning products LOL.

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at what store did you buy this laundry detergent as i am looking for it too

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