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eyeglowAugust 3, 2007

I'm in So. Calif. and want to find a good transport setup company. The home is new and coming out of Riverside and driven to Aguanga. Approx 70 miles by map quest. Does anyone know of a good decent company? Right now I just need to get a quote and some information.


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If the home is new why isn't the M.H. seller doing this for you. It should be included in the price.

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Yes I could get the company to do it at a cost of $9500. I think that is a little steep. I would like to talk to others that have paid that high of a price to go just 70 miles. When I questioned this he said it was mostly for the setup fee. This does not include the foundation that I have to get a contractor to do.

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Let the dealer do it! You can nickel and dime people and you get what you pay for!
This involves much more than just getting all the necessary state permits and driving a truck with a wide load 70 miles. That'll only cost about $3,000. And that's just for the transportation. The driver just drives to the site and leaves. The rest is getting the house set up on your foundation. And you will have to find a crew that can do that too. Have you located one? If the dealer does it he will have professional crewmembers that can handle the job. And you have some recourse if anything goes wrong.

And since you have elected to be the general contractor on this project, you will have to do the contracting for the foundation and everything yourself. Have you set up the lot clearing, the power, the well and septic, and driveway? The driveway MUST be complete before the truck will enter the property.

This is why the dealers are able to do it all. And yes, it costs more money, but it's all done for you.

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Hi Christopherh,

Thank you for your reply, that is what I wanted to know. The well, power, driveway and pad for the home are already in. Now, can I ask one more question..... are these haulers able to turn in tight spaces? I'm worried about it but about 6 yrs ago I had home dealer come take a look and he said it was alright. I just wonder about it. I'm tearing out some red shank so they will have more room to move around in. Just wondering.....

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Some movers now have a small crawler unit called a House Kat (made here in beautiful NC) that will handle a unit in tight places. They use the Kat for the off-road portion of the move.

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Hi Bus-driver... Thanks for the info. I never heard of that but maybe that's how they've been able to get most of the MH in our area up the steep hills. You're right, NC is beautiful although I've only seen pictures of it. I live in the land of overpriced homes, land, and anything you may need. Southern Calif is not where I would want to live out my life but now have to... it's called being stuck... LOL Oh well, guess it could be a whole lot worse.

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Up here in Vermont my dealer had a small Cat bulldozer with a ball hitch and just positioned my modular for the crane to lift it on onto the basement. All this during October when the colors were at their peak. I think I took more photos of the foliage than the setting of the house!

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