Trim around the edges of the wall and on the corners

panda1148August 30, 2009

Hi, I am new here. I have wondered for some time now how I should go about replacing the trim. It has broken off in a lot of places and nails are sticking out, we are now getting snagged on them and it hurts lol. Well the biggest concern now is a new baby, we dont want to see him/her getting hurt on those corners.

Anyway, the trim is tiny/thin peices of cheap looking trim. it is along all of the corners and along the ceilings. It is over all parts of our mobile home. Where the peices are broken off you can see the wallboard. There are gaps and you can see the stuff inside lol. I am not an expert and dont really know how explain what I see. I need to replace that trim or edging. I am just not sure what to use.

I would rather like to get nicer looking pieces. I know very well that parts of a house don't fit well in a mobile home. Are there any substitutes or websites that I can see what to expect? What if I fill in the gaps and smooth it out? I was going to remove the peeling wallpaper and paint over the vinyl, so is that possible (to just fill in the gaps and smooth it over or cover and blend it into the wall)?

Thanks for any help you could provide. I am clueless, so if I don't make any sense please let me know. If you would like pictures I could try to get some. Thanks again.


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I am not real sure which trim you are talking about. I have the white, that looks like the vinyl coated wall board and I also have the fake wood trim. I too have missing pieces and some places nails are actually sticking out. I simply have pulled the gazillion nails they use and put up real oak trim stained to match what we already have. As pieces fly off, we add more real wood. As far as taking the batten strips off and filling in the gaps, there are many threads on here to help you deal with that. Just make sure you do it correctly for your type of climate. If you have extreme seasons like I do in ND, you will need to do it differently that places like FL where they really don't have different seasons. The house will shift and cause cracking if you don't do it correctly. I hope this has helped you some. If you are looking for a more active site, try Tons of people willing to help. I get alot of info there! Good luck!

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