Load Bearing Wall

swidboomAugust 7, 2012

Is the center a load bearing wall? I want to remove part to open my kitchen to be more open concept. the house will not be moved again, it is permanent.

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Huh? More info is needed, cannot answer from that.

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I want to remove the top of this wall and use as eat at counter

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This is from other end. The area where the white wooden blinds are can be enclosed if I have to for support.

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Can anyone answer my question please

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Any walls that are on the outside when the unit(s) are being moved are load bearing and are critical to the integrity of the unit. Such walls often have metal strapping running at diagonals for bracing. Do not cut or change that strapping.

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In my state (Washington) there is mandatory state inspection and approval of changes that folks want to make to their mobile homes. You might check your state or local agencies or building department to see if there is a similar agency in your state. If so, you could perhaps make an appointment to talk to an inspector informally about what you want to do. If the scope of your work falls under the provisions of your law you would probably have to pay a hefty fee for your permit and get an inspection for the work.

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