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chi83February 1, 2013

Just a head's up for people who regularly post pictures that aren't theirs in their KT posts (and I have seen this MANY times - usually repeat offenders) without getting permission from the original owners or giving any kind of credit. You can get sued for that. It's unlikely but it happens. Sometimes even credit isn't enough if it is copyrighted, though most bloggers I have seen will give permission if properly credited/linked. But posting it as your own without any kind of source/credit/permission can get you in trouble.

It doesn't matter if you didn't know, or if you saved it to your own photo site, or if you just found it in Google Images and thought it was okay. It's still theft if you didn't get permission.

Just wanted to put that out there as I would hate to see anyone get in trouble.

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There is also the "fair use" clause that exempts certain things from copyright laws. Fair Use could encompass commentary, satire, parody, etc.

So if I posted a picture of Tide in a discussion about our favorite laundry detergent, that would fall under the Fair Use clause.

It is a pretty gray area - and very confusing, for sure!

For every article you find explaining Fair Use, you will find another disputing it.

What really irks me is seeing someone post a craft/art project from Pinterest on their Facebook page stating that they "can make one just like that" to sell. That is SO wrong!

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Yeah I have heard that the Fair Use clause isn't as protective as people think if someone decides to take legal action against a copyright though, but like you said, it's very confusing. I'm certainly not an expert on it but I have seen some really sad consequences.

It's one thing to present something like a known brand like Tide but another to post something and make the viewer assume it's yours because it doesn't say otherwise. Crafts or nature photography or food or anything like that.

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I hear you too Chi83. With the Rock & Roll Book i am writing (still in progress) I am using photos of the artists who have passed away. I contact the managers, family members and anyone i can think of to get permission to use the photos. It is a lot of work tracking down the owners of photos but it is a thrill when they give permission.

your resident DJ

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

pinterest has caused so much of that type of thing happening it is one of the big problems with sites like pinterest it really encourages people to do just that.
There have been lawsuits already over pinterest postings. I believe there was a thread here at one time about the pinterest copyrighted pictures problems.

Many sites do say that you are free to take an image or gif but want you to give credit where it came from or a link back.

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