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sammy62January 20, 2014

I went to four different places today to look for a specific granite I have had my eyes on and I found a remnant big enough for my island! I really like the Bianco Antico to go above my cherry island, It has the perfect colors, I love the way it moves and love the piece I found! I feel the Bianco Antico would be a great piece and focal point.

For my perimeter I am thinking Zodiac Warm Taupe Quartz.. I like classic, earth tones and these two countertops compliment each other well.

I decided not to go with the tan black sink but the Kohler color Sandbar and I am going with the one large sink with the drain in the middle. I didn't like the brown after pairing it with the Zodiac countertop. Too much brown and the small bits of design did not look good together. The Sandbar looked great and it matched everything.

I thought I wanted the BM color lambskin for my perimeter cabinets but it looks like it has a yellow or peach tint to it so am going a little less cream. Am going to match up a sample I found.
We found a floor I really liked that matched both countertops perfectly. So, I feel like I am getting somewhere with my choices and it will soon come together. No idea at all what I want for a backsplash. I will hold off on that, my faucet and knobs till after everything is in.
What do you think? Also has anyone else used Zodiac Quartz? If so do you like it?

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This is sort of what my island would look like.

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Thoughts? Yes? No?

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How does the granite look next to the quartz?

I have dark cherry cabinets and white diamond aka bianco antico on the perimeter and the island. It looks great.

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i'd chose bianco antico over quartz any day. just bring two samples together and place them on you counter and live with them for a few days. You will have your answer. It is a personal choice.

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Debra they look great together! The quartz pulls out the brown in the granite. IMO the granite would be too overwhelming on all my counters. The quartz is subtle and shows off the granite more.

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Well, then you have your answer : )

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