Fake wood kitchen cabinets options

brnincalifAugust 8, 2010

I have read about a lot of people painting their pressboard kitchen cabinets but I was wondering if

anyone has tried the gel stain on them or if there

are any other options besides just paint. Don't really

see too many postings on kitchen cabinet options for

particle board cabinets on HGTV website so I thought I'd try here.

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We had our kitchen cabinets refaced with a thin ply on the sides and regular one by for the face frames. It is not as perfect as it would have been if it had come from the factory that way but it looks fine. Better than the paper stuff.

I do not know of anything that would work on the paper other than paint. And be sure you read about how it is done here. I think there was a long post about it some where. Maybe in the walls post.

OH and when we did have our cabinets refaced I had him leave off the crown molding on the top. I was not fond of it. AND our doors and drawer fronts are real wood always were.

I will look for the post I might remember the title if I see it.


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Had to dig for these because they are on the Smaller homes board not the MFH board.


She has also done her kitchen cabinets that were real wood in places but she used bead board wallpaper and painted it and it looks fantastic.

Both threads are long reads but worth the time. She had done a wonderful job of revamping her house.


Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen

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buy a can of gel stain in the desired color
remove doors
clean doors and cabinet boxes with TSP - scrub gently and dry with old rags or cheapy paper towels
use tack rag lightly to remove any dust or lint
use a sponge brush to put on one coat of stain...long even strokes to keep from having marks in the stain
let dry completely
do another coat with fresh sponge brush
let dry completely
reattach doors and hardware
(we actually replaced the hardware, but if you are using the old hardware, be sure to clean it well before attaching)
stand back and admire

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Thanks Jaybird I will try it on a few extra doors I have
from taking down overheads and get good at it before I
do the doors in the kitchen. I am getting new hardware,
I think I'll even have to get hinges cause mine are cheap
and look terrible after 20 years of abuse. I will put up
a post after I am done.

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here are new pics of cabinets after gel stain, countertops are next




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WOW Looking GREAT!!! Are the pictures more clear on Flicker?? That is amazing they turned out so nice looking!! Fantastic job.

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That gel stain does look great. I'm saving pennies for the shelves that pull out including a pantry system for the full length shelving unit. Expensive but I'm going to love it when I get them.

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Naomi Miller

brnincalif, I know this is an old post but I was wondering if your cabinets are the pressboard covered in what I call the wood contact paper? It seems everyone I read about has real wood doors etc and my whole shootin match is the same pressed paper board with contact paper covering that barely resembles wood, lol..... trying to find some ideas that have been proven to work so I do not ruin my marriage by ruining the kitchen and then demanding new cabinets, lol.... any input is appreciated.

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Yes they are the pressboard covered with paper. I did not want to go through all the work to prime and paint them so this was a really good option. It was an easier option to just apply the gel stain . There are a few different brands and colors so I would recommend just go and look. It depends on what color they are now and what you use to get the effect you want. I am very happy with mine but I would recommend also putting polyueathane over it when it dries. I didnt at first but it started to wear off after about six months so I touched them up and put the poly over everything and it has held up great since then. Good luck!

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brnincalif, were any of your doors and drawers damaged with the paper peeled off and the press board exposed? Some of ours are peeled off mostly on the edges and some at the tops of a few doors and drawers. Just wondering how the gel stain looks and adheres to the areas that are bare.

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No outdoorgirl16 mine were in good shape just not a great color. So I don't know how it would turn out if they are in the shape yours are. Just get a small container of it and do a test spot on one of the worn parts of the cabinet and see what happens. Good luck :)

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Thanks, brnincalif. Though ours are not in the best of shape I went ahead and tried the gel stain this weekend. I chose a walnut color to try and hide the "damage". They look so much better! I am going to get the polyureathane on this weekend. What a very easy and inexpensive cosmetic makeover! Can't believe it. Thanks for posting this. I will post pictures when I get the doors back on.

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We can't afford to get new Mobil home cabinets. This is the worst part under the kitchen sink. Any way to Paint or do anything with these cabinets. I would like to go white,but I'm afraid it will show up too bad. And I don't like them as dark as they are.

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